Healthy High Calorie Foods That Women Should Not Avoid


healthy high calorie foods

You are all living in a skinny obsessed world where people love to look slim and fit, especially women. But in such world, would you believe that some people want to know about the food that can make them look like a celebrity and prefer to put on some weight as they look skinny. These women will concentrate more on high-calorie foods like ice creams, French fries or cookies to put on weight. By doing this you can definitely reach your weight goal but when you are ready to take high calorie food then pick up some healthy high calorie foods that can help in gaining weight at the same time help in prevent any diseases and also supply essential nutrients to your body.

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Here Is The List Of Healthy High Calorie Foods For You:

When you hear, foods are “high calorie” Maybe you often think they must not be healthy. While these lists are high in calories, but they can be part of a diet that improves well-being and health.


Avocados photo
Photo by j_silla

Avocados are another high-calorie food that is having potassium, fiber, Vitamin E, C and B as well. This is having high monounsaturated fats which help in reducing cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases. Taking one Avocado daily can add 270 calories to your diet.

Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and Nuts photo
Flickr photo by zimpenfish

Cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, seeds of sunflower and you can also get butters made of these nuts and seeds; all these are good for healthy high calorie foods. These seeds and nuts don’t just have high calories but also will have good fiber content, healthy heart fats, Vitamin E, Potassium, Zinc, and proteins as well. Instead of eating these nuts separately every day, you can add them to your cereal breakfast or you can add them to your salads. Make an excellent fruit salad with nuts topping which can work as a good and healthy pre-workout snack in the morning.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil photo
Flickr photo by DeSegura89

Do you that you can get 120 calories with one tablespoon of olive oil? In spite of high in calorie levels, Olive oil is lowers the risk of the heart diseases. It makes your food taste and bones also get stronger. For certain cancers, Olive oil is prescribed. Olive oil should be taken by those who are concentrating more on gaining weight as this will help in expanding your waist size.


Cheese photo

One of the best dairy products which are having high-calorie levels is cheese. Cheese can be called as an excellent source of Calcium and protein. But do not use too much of cheese daily as this is rich in sodium as well. Take just few cubes of cheese and especially stay away from the recipes with high cheese content. One ounce of Cheese is good per day.


Potatoes photo

Potatoes are always skipped from the lunch and dinner plates as they have high carbs, but you should definitely add potatoes to your meal plates if you are looking for high-calorie food and want to gain weight. Try some baked potatoes rather than fried potatoes. You also get potassium, fiber and iron with these potatoes. Add a little salt and a little olive oil to the baked potatoes to make them tasty.

You can add many healthy high calorie foods to your daily diet for improving or gaining weight rather than eating fried food. These foods help in getting heavier and healthier body.