The Best Workout Plans For Women [5 Days / 2 Sessions]


In any time work out can be a key in the accomplishment of your fitness goal. You may have different aims such as weight loss, strength building, maintaining a healthy body and the lifestyle or burning up the fats and increasing body fitness. Having to be at the gym five days may seem to be a long period of time to you but you can keep a workout time down each individual workout. You can find the best way of enjoying training by combining cardio and strength training. This is the best workout plans for women read below:

workout plans for women

The Overview Of The Week – Workout Plans For Women

The five days should be broken into two sessions that are one session will take two days and the other three days. Three days should be set aside for weight training and two fire cardio and resting for the remaining two days. According to Nia Shanks, the smartest template is performed on a non-consecutive day for weight training. This implies that you will be able to work all your muscle groups, arms, butt, legs, back, chest and shoulders in a three-day session. Cardio can take any two days that you are lifting.

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Many young women wish to retain their slim bodies or even become slimmer that they are and become sexier. In six weeks which the program will take you will feel you are the best. The heavy and light weight training and body weight workouts will help you improve your flexibility and finally causing you to lose some weight. The schedule is flexible and you can change it to fit your needs maintaining the same rule of working out in the same order possibly.

Cardio Workout Sessions

cardio workout sessions

Fort your cardiovascular work you should and must stick to the interval training. More work should be done in less time with a combination of moderate and high-intensity work to facilitate more burning of calories. In the workout plans for women warming up is a must which can take probably five minutes. Some machines like treadmill, elliptical, rower or stepper can be used in the warm-up exercise. At first you should go to a fast, high intensity for at least thirty seconds and slow down the speed and you resistance for ninety-one minute and thirty seconds. This should be repeated at least five times followed by a five-minute cool down. You should listen to your body so that you can either add the time taken for intense exercise or reduce it, it is your choice your instructor may not really understand how your body operates.

Weights Workout Sessions

weights workout session

Weight training has many benefits apart from muscle building. Some of the benefits include; It assists in the break- down of calories, strengthening bones and joints and makes your body more fit. Women can lift weights that men lift, but the difference is that few small should be taken into account for gender differences. It includes shortening your rest period, including a combination of repeated ranges as; lower-rep set, mixing around eight to fifteen rep set with heavier. A sample workout for women would include gym bell, leg curls on machine dumbbell lungs, dumbbell shoulder presses, pushups and assisted chin-ups. Each exercise should be performed as follows; session one two sets of fifteen reps, session two four sets of approximately eight to twelve and in session three five sets of five.

Workout plans for women should be taken seriously for you to achieve your expectations. You should take things easy and rest for two days for your body needs enough time to recover. If you are new check with your doctor and you should book sessions with qualified instructors to minimize body injuries.