How To Detox Your Liver with Natural Way?


The environment we are living in has become toxic due to continuous pollution all over. This has led to consistent growth of diseases. Inhaling chemicals that use as body make-ups and perfumes has put our bodies at a very high risk of being attacked by numerous diseases. Many chemicals have been created to control pests and plant diseases which have been discovered to be the cause of diseases. Due to the use of technology and chemicals in fertilizers to increase the output has led to a rise of the amount of toxic materials in our bodies. Instead of being surrounded by a toxic environment we need to shift to toxic free places to reduce the risks of diseases. Hence, there comes a need to study how to detox your liver.

how to detox your liver

Functions Of The Liver

The liver is the largest gland in the human body and without it we can’t survive. Its functions include:

  • It damages the old blood cells.
  • Produces bile that is used in the digestion of fats.
  • The liver stores ion and vitamins.
  • It breaks down hormones such as insulin and hemoglobin.
  • When the body sugar goes down it converts stored sugar ready to be used.
  • It cleans up the blood by removing toxic materials.

Due to many functions that the liver performs it is prone to many diseases. This leads to the high demand to detoxifying the liver or else you get your life shortened.

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Signs Showing Your Liver Need Cleaning

  • Having trouble in the digestion of fats.
  • Showing up of dark spots on your skin.
  • An abnormal weight gain and lack of losing weight even when calories are restricted.
  • Roll around the upper part of the abdomen, pot belly, and excessive abdominal fats.
  • Pain in the top abdomen under the rib cage.
  • High blood pressure, body weakness, high level of cholesterol and mood swings. These are signs that you should watch on.

How to Detox Your Liver?

After learning the functions and signs of toxic materials in the liver, another question arises on how to detox your liver.

Consumption Of High Fiber Diet

Fiber plays a vital role in ensuring that the liver remains healthy. Fibers bind itself to bile produced by the liver in the colon. Fat-soluble toxins are carried away from the liver and eliminated during bowel movement. Foods where you can find fiber include kale, broccoli, and spinach. Ensure they are organic for the best outcome.

Natural Herbs

Choosing a natural alternative for cleaning the liver is very crucial since they have no side effects. It is very important in choosing the right product containing natural cleansing herbs. Some of the fast-acting herbs include:

  • Milk thistle powder which contains antioxidants which prevent the absorption of toxins in the liver.
  • Artichoke Extract helps increase the flow of bile in the liver.
  • Dandelion Root acts as a diuretic and purifies the liver and blood.

Update: Helpful Information – I Found This Video On Youtube (Published On Jan 28, 2013)

Detox Your Liver Naturally : you will learn as well how to live a better and healthier life

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The human body has only on the liver which must be taken good care of. It is crucial to learn how the liver works, how to detox your liver and ways of improving its performance to the maximum level. You need to keep your environment clean and concentrate on the consumption of fiber rich foods. By doing this, you will be very far ahead in the body health. Stop taking alcohol, smoking fertilizers, dyes, contaminated water and preservatives.