Can You Get Pregnant After Ovulation?


Can You Get Pregnant After Ovulation? Nowadays people are doing family planning for making their family small, having one or two children. So this is important for women to know properly about the ovulation cycle. It helps them in family planning and avoiding the pregnancy.

can you get pregnant after ovulation

If you are one of those women, then you will also have the same question. You might have the same question – can you get pregnant after ovulation? Continue reading for getting the answer to it.

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Pregnancy After Ovulation

There is the possibility of getting pregnant within a short time after the ovulation. After releasing the egg from the follicle, there is a time period of 12-48 hours when the egg can fertile from the sperm of a man. Sperm can stay in a woman’s body for five days for sustaining by the cervical mucus.

For fertilizing the egg, sperm waits in the tubes known as the fallopian tubes. It happens during the ovulation. It takes 6 hours for healthier sperm to reach the fallopian tube and uterus from the cervix after ejaculation. Then it meets the egg, which is waiting for being fertilized. So there’s the possibility of being pregnant after one or two days of the ovulation.

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Menstrual Cycle
Menstrual Cycle

Calculation is an important fact for a woman in determining the ovulation cycle. Different procedures are being followed for this. Some apps are available for identifying the ovulation cycles. You can also know this from the symptoms. You should also consider the menstruation cycle for this purpose.

Things Which Happens After Ovulation

Can you get pregnant after ovulation? After the ovulation process, two things can happen. A woman will get pregnant or not. At the time of pregnancy, the egg became fertile by the sperm. If the egg disintegrates or absorbed somehow, it doesn’t cause pregnancy.

After the ovulation, the body temperature increases 0.5 degrees from the normal temperature, which helps in easy identification. The fertilized eggs help in creating the zygote. The zygote travels for five days from fallopian tubes to the uterus.

Then the cells are being divided in for forming a blastocyst. After 8-10 days from the fertilization, the blastocyst implants in the wall of the uterine. After the implantation, you will notice bleeding or spotting. Then it will start to grow into the embryo.

It will cause the release of hormones which seal cervix by the mucus plug. It causes the thickness of the endometrium. All of these happen during pregnancy of a woman. So we need to be aware of this. Some woman notices the bleeding or spotting during this period. They think this as a sign of menstruation. So it’s important to know about the pregnancy besides the ovulation.

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Can you get pregnant after ovulation?I think you have known everything related to this question through this article. You have got a clear conception about the ovulation besides knowing about the pregnancy.

It will help in keeping your sexual life safe and free from any type of confusion. If you still have questions about this matter, consult the doctor as soon as possible. Get pregnant when you want to. Avoid the unwanted pregnancy.