When Does Ovulation Occur? (Understanding Ovulation Cycles)


For knowing when does ovulation occur, you need to know about the ovulation cycle. You will start to notice signs that you are fertile about 5 days before you ovulate. Ovulation usually occurs between 12 – 14 days before your period starts.

The term ovulation is used for the menstrual cycle of women. This is the process when the ovule is discharged from the ovaries. After this process, the ovule (egg) becomes ready to fertile by the sperm. Then the uterine lining gets prepared for receiving the fertile egg. There will be shed of blood during the menstruation if there is no conception.

when does ovulation occur

Otherwise, there won’t be any blood shed in case of conception. For knowing when does ovulation occur, you need to know about the ovulation cycle.

The Time Of Ovulation

It is not easy to predict the time of ovulation. People have calculated the time. It happens before the beginning of the next period. The time is about twelve to sixteen days before the period. The periodic cycle is about 26-16 days for most of the women. Ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle. Though the time can change.

The Reason for Knowing The Time

Ovulation time is an important fact. Knowing this, helps women to prevent the pregnancy. This is also important for being pregnant. If you know about the ovulation cycle properly, it will help you to know the specific days of ovulation.

So you will have an idea in which days you can get pregnant. It is possible for a woman to get pregnant within the time period of ovulation or 24 hours after ovulation. So it’s essential for you to know when does ovulation occur.

Ovulation Occur

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Ovulation Calendar

A woman needs to take the help of the ovulation calendar. There are different apps available on the internet which can help in this matter. Another way is making an ovulation calendar by yourself. It will help you in doing family planning. You will be able to check the calendar if you want to avoid the pregnancy.

The fertile days for the woman are about 8-19 days of the pregnancy period. This time period is 12 days and in these days, ovulation can occur.

Key Facts:

  • [sc:Right300x250 ]The egg lives about twelve to twenty hours after getting out from the ovary.
  • Generally, one egg releases in each ovulation time.
  • Changes in lifestyle, illness or stress can affect the ovulation.
  • At the time of ovulation, some woman can experience the light spot of blood.
  • Implantation of the fertilized egg can take about six to twelve days after the ovulation.
  • Millions of undeveloped eggs wait for the beginning of ovulation from the birth of a woman.
  • If ovulation doesn’t occur somehow, the menstrual period will occur.
  • If a menstrual period doesn’t occur somehow, the ovulation will occur.
  • Ovulation can cause the middle pain of a woman.
  • The egg will be absorbed into the lining if it isnงt fertilized properly.

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For knowing when does ovulation occur, contact with the specialists. It will help you in many ways. Ovulation is important for a woman.

So you should have a proper idea about the ovulation cycle. You can use the ovulation calendar or you can consult a doctor. A gynecologist will help you in having an idea of the menstruation cycle.