Cystic Acne Scarring Using Revolutionary Adult Human Stem Cell


This is Scott’s story of how he successfully treated severe cystic acne scarring using a revolutionary new Adult Human Stem Cell derived cosmetic product line.

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Serum transformed this woman’s skin, healing her very bad acne scarring, leaving her with beautiful skin.

Following his father’s passing from an instant heart attack 26 years ago Scott has been on a personal journey. At 19 he was a normal pimply kid, but no worse than the average teenager but the emotional trauma of losing his dad, caused his complexion to break out in severe cystic acne and the scarring left, was later described by a dermatologist as similar to 3rd degree burns.

Since that time his first treatment was a Dermabrasion or sandpapering of the skin in a leading hospital, countless Micro Dermabrasions with many different models and makes of machines, various Laser Treatments, IPL etc., too many Skin Peels to count and as he tells everyone he meets, he’s probably used more skin care than anyone on the planet – especially women – with little or no effect.

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Another example of how the Serum can transform a woman’s appearance. Imagine how wonderful she must feel with her New Skin.

Scott’s definition of big brand skin care cosmetics is that they are a Bad Joke, perpetuated by the Cosmetic Industry, on a Naive Public.

And he calls all cosmetics “Gunk in a Bottle” About three years ago, Scott received a chance phone call from a 20-year friend, Lyndon, a Naturopath, who was launching a new company into the Australian market.

Lyndon said this Company had the first and only Adult Stem Cell skin care range on the market recently developed by a pioneer Doctor in the Stem Cell field.

This piqued his interest, because Stem Cells were all over the media and amazing treatments with hearts, livers and kidneys were being developed and successfully augmented and it made complete sense to him that the largest organ in our body, our skin, would respond to this new Stem Cell derived product line.

After only six weeks, he displayed a 25% improvement in his complexion (see photos attached) and knew these products had the X factor that his friend had spoken about. It was at this stage that I, along with Scott’s family and many of Scott’s long-time friends witnessed dramatic improvements in his facial scarring.

This young lady suffered very bad 2nd degree burns to her face and over 17 days of treatment with the Rejuvenation Serum she was left with virtually no scarring.

Stem Cell products

Who would have thought a $90 bottle of Serum based on the latest breakthroughs in Adult Human Stem Cell Technology could do what thousands and thousands of dollars spent on ineffective medical and beauty treatments could not.

Rejuvenation Serum - Adult Human Stem Cell

Today, three years later, he is now had a 65% improvement in his complexion. He truly believes that the only way his complexion will stop improving is if he stops using these life-changing Adult Human Stem Cell products.

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