Review Crock-pot Slow Cooker (Sccpvl610-s Travel Carry)


I love travelling with my family and I needed something that can keep my food warm during weekends. My family gave me many suggestions where Crock-pot Slow Cooker (Sccpvl610-s) was among the list. At first I doubted if it will really work well, I went through some reviews to know more about the product from those who had used if before. What I got was satisfying which led me to buying a machine. I just made an order with online shopping store and it was dropped at my doorstep with 4 hours.

crock-pot slow cooker

Crock-pot Slow Cooker (Sccpvl610-s Programmable Cook And Carry) is the very best and easy way of taking your slow cooked food to the road. Its gasket lid enables to remain contact throughout the journey. This machine is useful for all slow cooking meals, its programmable time allows it accommodate different cooking needs and time constraints.


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  • It is portable slow cooker.
  • Crock-pot Slow Cooker makes the food safe while moving from one place to the other and its size facilitates its ability to be carried around. With this machine there is no need of repacking food into separate containers.
  • Its settings are programmable.
  • It is capable of handling any type of slow cooking recipe hence assisting you taking care of mealtime. You can be able to change the time taken in cooking by either increasing the temperature or reducing it. Once the cooking comes to an end the machine switch to warm temperature automatically keeping the meal at the perfect temperature till you are ready to take it.

Steps In Using

  • Like any other machine, Sccpvl610-s has a procedure to be followed while cooking your food. The only thing you need to do is to maintain a close eye on the instructions if you give the guidelines your back then be sure there must come a problem later on during its use. Here are three steps which need to be followed for you to enjoy home cooked meal that continue cooking while you carry out your daily activities.
  • The stoneware should be placed into the heating base then add your ingredients and cover with the lid
  • Your crock-pot slow cooker should be plugged in and the temperature and time setting should also be done.

crock-pot slow cookerOnce the cooking time is over you can have your meal and enjoy it. Due to continuous use I have been used for it making it hard for me to work without it. When you want to clean it there are no challenges, it is easy to make clean and dry. In any time, the machine is being used much care must be taken into account for you to continue enjoying the day to day services rendered by this product to you. What you must know is that it maintains your food warm until the time feels like eating. If you need one, you can get Crock-pot Slow Cooker (Sccpvl610-s Programmable Cook And Carry) on this online store – guaranteed to be refunded your money.

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A Great Traveling Companion – The Crock-pot Cook and Carry (CNET)
If you like your slow cooking on the travel, Crock-Pot is worth its weight in feature gold.