All About Dukan Diet Attack Phase


Whether you are man or woman, the Dukan diet attack phase should work for you perfectly.

This is no ordinary diet plan for people to use when they want to lose weight. It will help the body to lose weight in a healthy way thus not posing any health threats to the body. A diet guru called Pierre Dukan whose aim was to help celebrities achieve their perfect weight and shape, introduced this diet plan.

dukan diet attack phase

Not many people believed in it while other did. It is common with such diet plans to have people liking it or not. It is a personal choice to pick the best weight loss diet for you.

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Dukan attack phase is all about eating food that has more proteins and low in fats. This will help the body lose weight and at the same time developing lean muscles. Some people would want to know exactly the food list on the Dukan diet during the attack phase. Below are a few food types that a person is expected to eat during this phase.

  • Veal
  • Rabbit
  • Offal
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lean beef
  • Skimmed milk
  • Cottage cheese

The above list is not exhaustive because this diet plan involves picking from 72 food types. That is quite a lot as expected from any weight loss diets. Many of the diets will restrict the foods a person can eat to only a few types. This means with Dukan diet attack phase, a person can still enjoy the best meals they have ever wanted.

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The foods in this diets are not supposed to be cooked with any added fats, this means that no grilling or roasting of your favorite dish. This is to help eliminate the amount of fat the takes in. People are allowed to use spices, vinegar, mustard, shallots, and onions to help in adding flavor to the food.

You will still need to add 1 and ½ tablespoon of oat bran to hell in filling you up for the day. Drinking water is also quite important to help hydrate the body at all times and keep you going.

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Overview of The Dukan Diet Attack Phase. The 1st phase is a short, very effective jump start to your weight loss using only pure proteins.

Dukan diet is all about eating fewer calories and avoiding the saturation of fats in the body. Some celebrities who have been using this kind of kind have quite a lot to say about it. Remember that even if the diet is supposed to have more proteins, there are those high-protein foods that are not allowed.

If they are processed in time, it will just lead to more complications. The estimated amount of proteins needed by women per day is 45g while that of men is 55g. So take in proteins according to what your body needs for the day.

Whenever you are on Dukan diet attack phase, having, a few exercises will not hurt the body. The exercises will help the body in making sure that more calories and fats in the body are eliminated. The increased metabolism rate in the body will make a person have more energy and better coordination.