How Long Does It Take For New Hair To Grow?


New hair growth is not very evident especially if you do not really get a ruler or a measuring tape to check if it has grown. You will keep asking yourself “how long does it take for new hair to grow?” which, of course, doesn’t happen quickly.

how long does it take for new hair to grow

There are factors to consider when you are thinking about this. If you currently have a short hair or if you just want to make it longer. Studies show that hair consistently grows every day at about 0.44 mm per day so ideally your hair must be growing at least half an inch each month.

This will happen if you are taking proper care of your hair as well while waiting for it to grow longer. Your genes or hormones can also play a role in hair growth, but if your hair is growing at least half an in every month, that is normal.

What Must You Consider?

If you are eating right and getting enough vitamins for your hair. You need to consider this one first because anywhere you look, or anyone you ask would tell you that you need to get the proper vitamins for your hair. A balanced amount of fruits and green leafy vegetables will aid in making hair healthier.

If think that you are not getting enough from the food you are eating, consult your doctor if you can take supplements. These supplements can be your source of zinc, iron, biotin, and B-complex, which makes the hair shinier. It will also help in making your hair thicker and stronger.

What Are You Doing To Your Hair?

New hair comes from the scalp, and you need to keep your scalp healthy. A clarifying shampoo helps in cleaning up the strands attached to your scalp because of excess oils and build up of shampoo residues. You should also take a little time when taking a shower to massage your scalp.

Keep It Conditioned

Make sure that your tresses are getting enough healthy moisture to improve hair’s condition and lessen hair breakage. You can use massage oils on your scalp or get a hot-oil treatment done once a week. You can also help your hair grow faster if you stop using the flat iron, hair dryer, and hot curlers. You can put a serum on your hair before using any of these on your hair. This will protect your hair follicles from being damaged caused by too much heat.

Schedule Your Trims

Trimming your hair will make your hair grow faster, but there is a specific timing when getting a hair trim. It is important to get a trim only every 2 to 3 months. This will also keep your hair from developing split ends and remove dry ends from your hair. When tying your hair, choosing a scrunchie is better than using normal rubber bands.

This will keep it from breaking. When your hair is still wet, do not use any comb. It is important to use a detangling comb to loosen the knots before using a comb or a brush on your hair.

What Are You Putting On Your Hair?

You must think about what kind of products you use for your hair. If you like getting unnatural treatments done to your hair, then this could also be the reason your hair is taking too long to grow. Chemical treatments cause hair breakage and damage that can stop the hair from continue growing.

Applying anything artificial to any part of your body is bad, so the same goes for your hair. If you are not treating your hair right and it is taking long for your hair to grow, you will really need know how long does it take for new hair to grow so you can take the necessary steps to make it grow healthier.

The common misconception is to not get a trim when you are trying to make it grow faster and longer. Do not go with this misconception and schedule a trim every 2 or 3 months that are very important. If you see it starting to grow, just keep doing this so you will no longer have to ask “how long does it take for new hair to grow“.

Waiting for new hair to grow will seem to take forever, but maybe you are just not monitoring the health of your hair as well. Eating right and being kind to your hair are the main things you can do.

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