Fast And Naturally Grow Long Hair In A Week


Fast And Naturally Grow Long Hair In A Week

grow long hair in a week

Here is how to grow long hair in a week. This may seem impossible, but there are ways you can do to grow long hair in a week.  Compared to the normal hair growth of ½ inch per month, you can achieve this faster by following the steps that will be mentioned in this article.

Hair mask – When buying a hair mask, you should make sure that it is made with all natural ingredients. If you cannot find anything like that available, you can make your hot oil mask. Take coconut oil and mix it with almond oil. Use this combination to massage your scalp and use a shower cap to cover it for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Gently dry your hair – If you just came out of the shower, take your towel and only pat dry your hair without pulling it. Make time for your hair before you start your day because it deserves gentle treatment. Avoid brushing it while it is still wet and let natural dry your hair. Never use a blow dryer or flat iron to dry your hair.

Apple cider vinegar – Apply apple cider vinegar and water mixture onto your hair after shampooing. This is a good way to stimulate hair follicles that will result to your hair growing more quickly. In case you smell the vinegar after washing your hair, you can apply any essential oil you like to get rid of the smell.

Cut it off – Go to the salon and ask your hair stylist to cut the damaged tips of your hair. Once you have gotten rid of damaged and broken hair, it will be easy for your hair to grow longer. This is a common misconception to leave your hair alone when you are growing it longer, but you must do the opposite. After getting a trim, your next trim should only come after 2 or 3 months.

Proper hair washing – Do not wash your hair with hot hair because it will cause it to break and become brittle. Take cold water and use it to wash your hair. Washing your hair every day will remove all of the moisture in the scalp causing hair to become dry and damaged.

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Does The Inversion Method For Hair Growth Work?

Do not try this if you have certain conditions like low or high blood pressure, glaucoma, spinal injury, swollen joints, hernia, osteoporosis, recent stroke, ear infection, detached, pregnancy, or if you currently have your menstruation.

If you are safe from the mentioned conditions, here are the steps on how to do the inversion method:

Remember to start with a very slight angle if you are a beginner. Do not do a position that is too severe for you to handle. You should also do this with someone watching you because if you are a first timer in doing this, you can become dizzy and imbalanced.

How To Do The Inversion Method?

Information video on show you demonstrating how to do the Inversion Method to grow long hair in a week (1 inch in 7 days).

Other Inversion Method Tips: Massage any of the essential oils you have on your scalp and sit on a chair or somewhere you feel comfortable before slowly bending your body down until your head is upside down. Stay in this position for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes has gone by, you can now wash your hair by bowing down in the bathroom sink washing your hair upside down.

You must do this for seven days to grow your hair longer in a week. You can try this again, but do it only after every three weeks to avoid your body from getting used to it having no effect anymore. You can also monitor the progress by measuring the length of your hair at the start of the week and see how much it has grown after seven days.

Remember to only do the inversion method if you are physically healthy and can handle being upside down.

These are natural steps you can do to grow long hair in a week. No need for hair extensions or spending a lot. A little practice, research, knowledge, and patience will get you the results you want. Moreover, before trying the inversion method, check with your doctor first for any health conditions to avoid any further problems.