Understanding the Ideal Protein Diet Cost


Understanding the Ideal Protein Diet Cost — Most people think that when it comes to eating a protein diet, it means that you have to spend more. However, that is not the case based on a number of comparisons with the foods that we love to eat every day. The average price of a protein diet should be $13 per day. Some meals might even cost as low as $4 to $5.

This shows that a person does not have to get involved in the expensive diets so that they can lose weight in a healthy way. You can always talk to your nutritionist to help with identifying the best food types to use while on the diet. He or she will help to understand the ideal protein diet cost.

ideal protein diet cost

You will have to add a few supplements to help with the weight loss. These protein supplements are purchased for a monthly dosage to make them less expensive. There is the multivitamin supplement that has 60 capsules at a cost of $30, the calcium-magnesium supplement will have 120 capsules at the cost of $24, and the omega-3s will cost a person $31. As you can see, all these products for a monthly dosage they are all below $50. It is not easy to come across different types of diets that will cost you this less.

Let us consider the different between the ideal protein diet cost and that of a morning latte for those who love to drink coffee. It is common to see people every day lined up at Starbucks to get a quick cup of coffee before they head into work. Most people would have a Grande, caramel macchiato, non-fat and something to take down the coffee such as a breakfast sandwich.

The person buying non-fat is trying to have a healthy life by reducing the number of fats intake. The total cost of such a breakfast will be around $7.80. On average, those are two ideal protein meals that a person could use. If it gets to such a point, a person can easily pick the ideal protein cost to enjoy more health benefits.

The ideal protein diet usually takes around three phases for a person to complete the diet plan. In the first phase, it will cost you quite some money because of the operations involved. Phase 1 will help a person to lose all the weight they have ever wanted but still in a healthy way. The average cost of phase 1 should be $399 just to start the program.

This will involve paying for consultations, full body analysis, the body measurements, all the supplements needed and an ideal blender bottle. They are quite many products a person can get for only $399.

During phase 2, the cost of the diet becomes even lower. A person will only have to spend a maximum of $70 per week for the diet plan. During this phase, a person will eat two packets of ideal protein food for a period of two weeks. Phase 3 of the ideal protein diet cost will reduce the number of packets to only one per day.