HCG Diet Food List That Everybody Needs


hcg diet food list

Any woman must have heard about the different benefits of having a HCG diet plan for helping in losing some weight in the process. There are thousands of reviews about this diet plan online that can help any woman to make that critical decision about their health. Dr. Simeons first introduced the diet to help many people, men and women alike to lose weight in a healthy and fast way. You no longer have to keep on using that weight loss diet that is not working for you. All, you have to do, is identify the different types of foods that the diet supports then use them to help in weight loss. However, before you can start on the diet, any woman should understand the HCG diet food list to help in picking the perfect foods for the diet.

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The overall HCG diet will have the following types of foods.

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Meats
  • Beverages
  • Breadsticks
  • Supplements

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Fresh fruits are important to help the body gain all the important minerals and vitamins for it to function optimally. You are advised to take a total of two different fruits per day depending on your choice. It can be apples, oranges, grapefruits, or large strawberries. Many nutritionists will tell you the same about taking the fruits of a daily routine.

In addition, a person has to eat also fresh vegetables at least once per meal in a day. It is advisable to eat one type of vegetable per meal rather than mixing them during the weight loss process. The most common types of vegetable, that people are supposed to use, include salad greens, tomatoes, onion, chard, cabbage, beet greens and many more.

Meats have also made it to the HCG diet food list. However, when choosing the meat to eat, make sure that it is lean meats. This can be measured by removing the excess weight of fat from the meat. Always measure the meat by using a digital scale to help point out the excess fat. If you choose beef, make sure that you eat it only once per day because of the fat content. A lot of fat will cause a slowdown in the weight loss cycle. The alternatives to beef would be chicken breast and white fish.

Sometimes you just have to get some beverages to complete a long day at work or any other place. When using this diet, make sure that you have water, coffee, non-caloric beverages and tea as beverages to use. A person has to avoid using artificial sweeteners and diet sodas.

Supplements are unavoidable in the HCG diet food list. They are important to help the body in promoting the weight loss problem. The most common supplement recommended is potassium since the body will be involved in exchanging many fluids. The potassium is important to help in regulating this process. The different types of supplements have different effects on the body. You need to stop using the certain type of supplements if they affect your body in a negative way.

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