Healthy Chinese Food Options: Wellness At The Tip Of Chopsticks


Healthy Chinese Food Options: Wellness at the tip of Chopsticks. Who will not agree that even in wellness and health, knowledge of Math and numbers plays a crucial role? “My gosh! I need to burn 113 kilocalories every day to achieve those 36-24-36 vital statistics” so goes the clichéd lines of women who definitely have that health consciousness long been encoded in their DNAs.

healthy chinese food options

But how about our knowledge on Healthy Chinese Food Options that offer unmatched quantity of health benefits? Do we have to roll on those blocks of abacus to calculate how much we can get out of putting these healthy chinese foods in our diet? Perhaps, this had already been quantified by Chinese, who, according to STATISTA: The Statistical Portal”, are among the top notch in the worldwide ranking of countries with highest life expectancy.

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So to stay fit and to maintain those voluptuous curves, ready your chopsticks girls and let the following healthy chinese food options do the rest of your Math on a healthy lifestyle that you’ve always been dreaming of.


  • Wonton Soup: Wonton soup for starter is a good choice. It’s a Cantonese term for tiny dumplings served with coarsely chopped pork loins, Chinese rice wine, shrimp, and ginger root. A cup of it only sets you back 71 calories.
  • Steamed Veggie Dumpling: Serving of this dish won’t put much guilt on you. Studies revealed that it contained only 38 calories. So eating at least two pieces of this luscious appetizer would only credit a 76 calorie count.
  • Dim Sum: This bite-sized Hokkien food served in steamers or plates is uniquely prepared from the wide range of ingredients such as beef, prawns, and veggies which according to researchers contain only 150 calories.

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Main Meal

  • Sweet and Sour Prawns: Having this savory viand is indeed brilliant– putting new kick on the ordinary shrimp which will only give you a minimum of 9 calories per intake.
  • Shrimp with Lobster Sauce: A variety of shrimp dish served along with Chinese-style egg sauce. It’s specifically catered for calorie-conscious individuals. It doesn’t really use lobster. As to why it’s called as such, I also don’t have a clue!
  • Chinese Steamed Chicken with Mixed Vegetables: Potpourri of skinless chicken, vegetables, and spices that're simply second to none! Plus, per serving of it only imparts 120 calories with 80% Vitamin A and 28% Vitamin C.

Dessert and Refreshments

  • Fortune Cookies: Fortunate enough that fortune cookies only contain 30 calories compared to 80 calories found in Almond cookies. So the “fortune” inside it would probably say that eating sweets doesn’t have to be that bad sometimes. Who said healthy Chinese food options does not contain sweets?
  • Green Tea: Zero calories, Zero Fat, Zero protein – which is absolutely perfect! this contains, however, antioxidants that boost metabolism to burn more calories. This proves really “less is always more”.

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Remembering these healthy chinese food options is as easy as getting your Math done – add confidence on what you eat, subtract worries on calorie intake, divide choices to healthy lifestyle and multiply happiness to maintain a well-balanced life.