Soundbeats Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review (Soundpeats Qy7)


Review on Soundbeats Sport Bluetooth Headphones – Soundbeats QCY Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Sports/running & Gym/Exercise Bluetooth Earbuds Headphones Headsets W/Microphone for iPhone 5s 5c 4s 4, iPod 2 3 4 New iPod, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Smart Phones Bluetooth Devices (black/green)

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Soundpeats Qy7 – Soundbeats Sport Bluetooth Headphones is my best product I ever bought I can say in my life. I do get all the qualities in needed. The sound has been perfect, call volume of high quality and I have never had issues with this product from Online Store.

First before I bought these earphones I had on which could not work with a Bluetooth they were real pathetic I can tell. My flexibility and much research have brought me far as now o can listen to music and take a call without having connected the earphones manually.

soundbeats sport bluetooth headphonesThe numbers of reviews that I went through were not bad, each and every person gave them credit which made me mate a trial if they have me any change.

I just received them few days ago but what is getting is incredibly good. I can fix them to my ears in the morning while taking some exercises and listen to soft music which enhances the level of exercises I do. At first I had issues with the coz each and every time they were falling off.

With I did is that I twisted them in my ears few times making them to seal my ear canal. The detachable rubber clips are very useful. They hold the headphones in place while am carrying out my activities which include running and drumming.

Amazing with Soundbeats Sport Bluetooth Headphones (Soundpeats Qy7) is that they can work even when you are fifteen meters away. I do take exercises in the house and sometimes in the gym but there is no day that I have ever carried my Samsung galaxy.

I just leave it in the bag and put on the music with or without pockets I can listen to music and receive phone calls while exercising. Sometimes I do work in the garden and it saves me from getting my beautiful phone dirty, I set it and leave it in the pocket for the whole exercise.

They have many feature which I do like most and which make Soundbeats Sport Bluetooth Headphones (Soundpeats Qy7) them the best. When you are charging them there is a light that gives an indication that, they are charging and if you fail to see it then, it means your earphones are not charging. The light is usually green and it is located on the right ear. The port for charging is on the left ear.

Another feature which makes it complete is the presence of the microphone which is placed on the right side and they assist you in making calls, they do act as a mouthpiece. They come with covers of different sizes so you can get one that fits you pretty well that is tight enough preventing it from falling when you are moving around.


If you need them charged faster you can purchase Store Online speed charger at only $20, it contains a plug-in USB same as that of the computer but is plugged to an outlet for fast charging.

Soundpeats Qy7 Comparison Reviews

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The last review, with its pure sound feature, it reduces the white noises in the background and gives out a clear sound experience. It also has  a SignalPlus that enables you to hear quality music even if you above or below the waist and only the right and left the side of this device. This plus will give you that continuous flow of music sound. It has a nice on screen battery that last full day of usage. So you can have a longer play time of hits with this product.

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