Review Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor (Bluetooth)


Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor is the equipment that can measure the rate at which your heart is beating in all the levels of your exercises. I made an order on Shopping Online, and I received one within two days.

It is very health to check your heart beat when you are doing some exercises so that you can regulate the extent to which you are exercising your body. The heart being among the crucial body organ needs to be looked at now and then so that you may not overwork it.

polar h7 heart rate sensor

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After having it, the problem was connecting to my mobile phone. I opened the Bluetooth of my phone, but the connection didn’t work for the two. I tried following the instruction that were there in the package, but didn’t do me any favor.

The last option, I had, is to visit the internet and get more information on how to connect the two, my phone, and Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor.

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My search didn’t fail me so I ended up getting the app that made all the connection. The app was mapmyrun that picked up with Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor without any issue besides, this app there were many other apps that the developer of mapmyrun developed.

These apps include mapmyhike, mapmywalk and mapmyfitness. This is just a few but for more information, you can visit the internet. All of these apps worked well with my phone, so I got more than what I purchased H7. During my workout, the H7 can track my highest heart rate and also calculate the calories being broken down in a single session.

I had worries on how to connect the two, but I came to realize that neither my phone nor Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor had a problem.

polar h7 bluetooth smart review

The problem was on the app that was compatible with the H7. Better I have known this earlier before deciding to get the item back to store. The battery has a long life, and the Bluetooth remain on even after I have stopped recording. You can close down the Bluetooth so that your battery can work for a long time.

polar h7 bluetooth smart heart rate sensorConsidering all the things, I'm screwed over thanks to the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor now. Along these lines, yes, I will credit this to me not doing my exploration completely. The gadget meets expectations Extraordinary with my Droid RAZR and the Mapmyfitness suite of applications, so I rank it five stars thus.

It won't work with the applications I needed to utilize it with – particularly, Cardio Trainer – however I won't downsize my rating simply because I didn't do my examination accordingly.

For those of you looking to buy the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor (smart heart rate sensor), in the event that you have an iPhone, this is the gadget for you. On the off chance, that you have a Motorola Droid RAZR and need to utilize this with the Mapmyfitness suite of applications, this is the gadget for you.

Make your health the first task in life them move to the other tasks, the reason being without good health you can never do anything constructive easily.

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*** User Manual for Polar H7 Smart Heart Rate Sensor in English (See here)***