Abdominal Exercises For Women (Health ABS At Home)


Before knowing about abdominal exercises for women, you need to know the necessity of it. Abdominal fat makes a woman look fatty. So it is essential to do proper diet or regular exercise for maintaining a healthy life.

abdominal exercises for women

Sit-up The Medicine Ball With The Chest Press

You need to lie down on the floor, keeping the knees bent slightly. You need to engage the core and keep the entire back flat against the floor. You need to hold the medicine ball leveling to the chest. Then you need to move the body into a seated position. Then you need to extend the ball directly to a position out of the chest until it is extended fully. Then move to the previous position and take it back to the chest.

Plank Punches

You need to start from the high position. Your wrists, arms, and shoulders are needed to be in line with each other. You need to keep the back flat. Punch forward by raising the left arm. Extend the arm straight. You need to engage the core throughout the full process. This will help in maintaining the balance. Lower down the left arm to the previous position with the wrists keeping in line. Follow the process with the right parts. Repeat the process.

Sit-up Variation By Activating The Shoulders, Core And Legs

Lie down, bent the knees, keeping your face up. Hold the kettlebell over the head. Keep your arms extended. Then bend at the waist forcefully. Bring your arms simultaneously. Pull the heels back slightly towards for standing up.

Roman Twist

Sit on the exercise mat. Lean back gently until the activation of the core. Raise your feet off the floor. Reach from one side to the other side of the body. You need to engage your core all the time during this exercise.

Cycle crunch

At first, lie down flat keeping your backside on the ground. Follow the bent knee position. Keep the feet firm. Put your hands behind the head. For stabilizing the spine, engage the muscles of the belly. Lace the shoulder blades backside and down. Lift both of the feet off the floor and place them in a vertical position on the ground. Bend the knees at 90 degrees. Keep the toes in a way that will point away from the body. Bring the knee to the elbow of the opposite position. Then swap legs and rotate the torso. Press the lower back to the ground.

Leg Crunch Vertically

Press the lower back to the floor by lying on the floor. Keep the hands behind the head for having support. Extend the legs in the air in the straight position. Do bend in the knees by keeping the ankles crossed. Contract the abdominal muscles. You need to keep the chin off the chest at the time of each contraction. You need to exhale while contracting the upward. You need to inhale while returning to the previous position.

These are some abdominal exercises for women. There are also some other exercises. You can follow any of the abdominal exercises for women for having a flat abdomen.