The Effectiveness Of Oral Appliance For Sleep Apnea


oral appliance for sleep apnea

If you are suffering from sleep apnea which is a condition that makes the muscles in the tongue and throat to relax causing the tissues to block the airway. This limits the amount of air entering the lung and leaving while sleeping. Are you a victim of sleep apnea? Here are the most widely and commonly used oral appliances. Mouth guards and continuous positive airway pressure are the two oral appliance for sleep apnea.

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If you have been obstructed from sleep by sleep apnea mouth devices can be beneficial while you sleep. These devices must be fitted by a dentist and put in the mouth at night. Oral appliance for sleep apnea are;

Tongue Retaining Device (Mouth guards)

Tongue Retaining DeviceIt holds the tongue keeping the airway open. People have different sleeping styles, sleeping on the stomach, back. Tongue retaining device can help both of these people in improving sleep by minimizing the frequency of snoring. This method of controlling sleep apnea happens to be the most effective as compared to other methods since it is long term. Dental devices are safe since they don’t have drawbacks such as pain, altered bite, dry mouth, movement of teeth and the excessive salivation.

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Mandibular Advancement Device (Mouth guards)

Mandibular Advancement DeviceThis is another dental device which assists in controlling apnea. Its shape is like a sports mouth guard. The device has metal hinges making it possible for easing the lower jaw forward. It snaps the lower and upper dental arches. Before a dental device is fitted to your mouth, it must be tested to ensure that it is functioning properly. If you start having some changes in your bites or pain then, you need to visit the dentist who fitted it for you to do some adjustment.

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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

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This is the most preferred treatment for sleep apnea, while sleeping it blows air into your throat making the airway open while you sleep. Continuous positive airway pressure machine consist of the following;

  • Mask
  • This is fitted to your nose and sometimes to both nose and mouth while being held by straps while you sleep.
  • A motor which blows air to the mask.
  • The tube that connects the motor to the mask.
  • This machine is quiet and comfortable to carry hence you can travel with it.
  • Getting used to the device can be a major problem that you will face but when used to it you will feel better.

A Continuous Positive Air Pressure Has Many Benefits That Include;

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  • Relieving daytime sleepless
  • The sleep quality get improved
  • It keeps your airway opened while you are a night of sleep
  • It lowers the blood pressure and ease snoring

Remember every solution to the problem has its own side effects. So continuous positive air pressure has some side effects although, they are minor. Such as; dry mouth, discomfort in the chest muscle, and bridge of the nose get sores and irritated, discomfort of the stomach and bloating and at times you may have a running nose or nose bleeding.

Best Treatment Of Apnea Depends On

  • The physical structure of your upper airway
  • The extent of your problem
  • Personal performance and medical challenges you may as well have

Oral appliance for sleep apnea works best if you get the best dentist to fix the appliance for you.