Asking Yourself On How Do You Get Cancer?


how do you get cancer

How do you get cancer? Doctors have not yet known causes of cancer. But there are ways that can make one get cancer. These ways below will help a person to increase his or her chances of getting cancer. They include:

1. Catching Some Rays Of The Sun

In case you are a fair-skinned, you can spend much time in the sun and by all means you should try to avoid using any lotion that is sun block. If you usually live in rainy and cold climate, you should take many vacations in tropical sunspots and then make sure that you spend all your time on the beach.

2. Smoking Till You Choke

Do not listen to the wimps who normally tell you not to smoke. You should tell them that everything causes cancer and that we will all die later or sooner. Low tar cigarettes will help protect you. Gutsy people who normally live their life to the fullest are smokers. Smoking usually adds the benefit of exposing a friend or family to damage of the lung.

3. Eating Junk Food

Try to avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables especially those that are organically grown and then stick to a diet that is fatty. Eat much meat and also dairy products such as butter, cheese, and cream. It is very important that you do not eat vegetables that are yellow like the yams, carrots, and the squash. Make sure that you have completely avoided vegetables like Brussels sprouts and also the cabbage. They are all known to destroy the development of good cancer- causing diet. Eat much food that has been smoked and also salted without sparing the nitrites. You should also try to avoid much vitamin C and any other type of vitamin.

4. Ignoring Signs

5. Showcase Medicine

6. Zap The Pests

7. Power Of Chewing

8. Trusting The System Trouble And Toil

Try and get a job that will expose you to a regular dosage of very strong chemicals. Working in a factory of tires or near an oven of coke would do you good. In case your boss provides you with some safety equipment to use, please do not use them. Also avoid meetings of union health and safety committee.

9. Friendly Neighbors

You should look for a house that is near the nuclear weapons factory. Alternatively, see whether you can find a place that you can live near the open-pit asbestos mine. In case an activist tries to organize the community against the local industries, you should tell them that pollution is not a problem.

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Cancer has its signs and symptoms just like any other disease. They show that something is not right with a person’s health may be because of an injury, disease or illness. When I talk about a sign of cancer I mean something that can be seen by someone else showing that you have cancer for example breathing faster is a sign that can be noted by anyone. A symptom on the other side is that that cannot be seen but only felt by the person who is suffering. An example of a symptom is aching; no one can conclude that a person is acting apart from if the person himself or he self-tell it to you.

Since the causes of cancer have not yet been known people usually wonder what the main causes are. The question how do you get cancer is determined by the various risks that increase your chances of getting cancer. I have given you some of the ways that increase chance of a person getting cancer above there.

Cancer usually has four common stages that are used to determine how cancer in the body has developed or advanced. Cancer can affect any organ in the body. It is very unfortunate that some types of cancers are usually very silent, such that they do not show any signs at their early stage. If cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, it is said to be in a position that it can be treated and cured easily. Silent cancers are very dangerous because they can only be noted if a doctor does some tests to the person or when the cancer has already advanced in the body.

In conclusion, you should be able to know how do you get cancer so that you can prevent yourself from cancer risks as possible.