Safe And Smart Ways to Grow Back Your Eyelashes


There must be a very good explanation why you’re reading up on growing back your eyelashes. Did you simply just accidentally cut it, perhaps unsuspectingly using a sharp edged eye curler? In most cases though, the reason is quite predictable: you believed your mother or grandmother or friends who swore their eyelashes grew longer, darker, and fuller after they pulled them out. So, what happened after you yanked yours out? LOL.

grow back your eyelashes

Alright, take it easy, nobody’s judging you here. After all, who doesn’t want to have curly, adorable, and to-die-for eyelashes? Most of us who are not too lucky to have lovely eyelashes to bat about are too willing to try out almost anything to grow thick, dark eyelashes that others will envy. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting but, try to get your facts right before you do. Make sure that whatever it is you’re trying to grow back your eyelashes are safe and won’t harm your health in the long run.

Does cutting or pruning your eyelashes speed up the growth of your eyelashes and thicken it?

That’s just urban legend, some myth passed on from one generation to the next. Truth is, it takes weeks or about three months to grow back pruned eyelashes, and the rate at which cut eyelashes grow back can be quite slow. Can you imagine the embarrassment you’ll suffer if in case you’ve pulled out too many of your eyelashes or cut them too short? Plus, you’ll have to live with that funny look for months, if you don’t use eyelash extension.

So, if you haven’t already pulled out or cut your eyelashes, don’t and just keep them that way because cutting or pruning them, these techniques just don’t make the magic work.

Three ways you can try to safely grow back your eyelashes

If you did cut or yanked out too much of your eyelashes, don’t despair. Wipe off that hopeless look on your face, read on, and choose one of three possible and simple options to get you out of your situation in no time at all.

Your first option is getting false eyelashes. False eyelashes come in various thickness, color, length, and make. Choose one that best fits your look and style. If you’re planning to use it every day, go for false eyelashes that look flattering but natural on you. False eyelashes are available in almost any cosmetic shop. If it’s your first time to use one, ask the salesperson for a quick demonstration as to the proper way to put it on. Don’t forget to ask how you can take it off, and for how long can they be worn safely. Don’t use just about any adhesive or you might yank out your entire eyelid! Use only the adhesive recommended by your beauty specialist.

Your second option is getting an eyelash extension. Eyelash extensions have also gained popularity. These semi-permanent solutions to your eyelash issue have become quite popular alternatives to wearing false eyelashes or mascaras, and could be your best choice if you don’t have much time to spare dressing up in the morning and are too eager to go to bed at night. Unlike false eyelashes, eyelash extensions stay on until your natural eyelashes fall off. There are many tips on how to make eyelashes grow back. This means, you will have to undergo the same procedure every third month.

Another alternative is by using topical applications that promise to grow your eyelashes, and grow them thicker, longer, and darker. Are they for real? Yes and no. There are both prescription only and over-the-counter topical serums to grow your eyelashes. If you ask which ones are safe and effective, the obvious answer is that the prescription only brands have it. Why? Prescription only eyelash solutions are treated as a drug thus, their effectiveness and safety have been proven, while their over-the-counter competitors didn’t undergo the same evaluation process. Never use any eyelash growing serum without first consulting with your doctor or dermatologist.


Remember, your eyelashes are there for a specific purpose, and that is, to help shield your eyes from injury and infection. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your fab self but, whenever vanity gets in the way of your health and safety, it’s only rightful to turn your back on vanity.


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