How Do Makeup Brushes Give Rise to Skin Issues?


If you wear makeup on the daily basis then your makeup brushes probably endure a lot of use. Brushes give you a much more flawless finish than disposable sponges, which is why many people choose to use brushes over the latter even though brushes are much more high maintenance.
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While your makeup brushes may be giving you a flawless foundation application, they could also be causing your skin major problems. If you use makeup brushes keep reading to find out how your makeup brushes could be sabotaging your skin.

What could makeup brushes have to do with breakouts?

The two things may sound unrelated but your favorite foundation or blush brush could be causing your skin to breakout. The average women who wears makeup every day probably doesn’t have multiple sets of brushes, high quality makeup brushes can be pretty expensive. The average woman who wears makeup on the daily basis doesn’t wash her brushes after every single use. Washing your brushes after every single application is tedious and time consuming. But is it really that bad? The answer is yes.

Every single pore in your face contains an oil producing gland and your makeup is picking up oil that excretes from every pore that it brushes over when you use it to put your makeup on. Your brush could also be picking up sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, or bacteria if you have an active breakout. If you don’t wash your brushes after every use the contaminants could be spread to other parts of your face the next time that you use it. This can clog your pores and lead to a breakout. If you go several uses without cleaning your makeup brush you could spread even more contaminants to your face.

What should you do if you have an active breakout?

If you have an active breakout on your skin then you should proceed with caution. You don’t want to do anything that will make the breakout worse or anything that could lead to more breakouts.

You should limit the amount of heavy makeup that you use on a breakout because you could irritate the skin further and cause more inflammation. However, that’s not your biggest concern. When you have an active breakout the bacteria can spread very easily to the rest of your face through your makeup brushes. You shouldn’t use the brush on any other part of your face after you’ve exposed it to the active breakout, and you definitely shouldn’t use the brush again the next day. Don’t even dip the brush back into your product after you’ve used it on an area of your skin with an active breakout. If you do, you will risk transferring the bacteria from your face, onto the brush, and then into your product.

How do you keep your brushes clean?

Clean your brushes! Make sure that you are cleaning them after every single use, not just every now and then. You may be thinking who’s got time for that? However, it doesn’t take long to cleanse your brushes and its worth in the end if it means that your skin will be healthier and your complexion will be much clearer. Also you can buy a second foundation brush to make it easier on yourself.

You can use a brush cleanser in order to cleanse your brushes or you can use dish detergent if you can’t afford a brush cleanser. Use whatever cleaning agent you have on hand and water in order to get your brush clean. Spend a few seconds thoroughly rinsing all of the soap out of the brush and massaging it, afterwards lay it flat to dry. If you don’t have enough time to wash your brush in the morning after you use it, wash it at night. If you lay it flat on a towel it will be dry in the morning.

In Conclusion

Even though cleaning your brushes may be a slight inconvenience, your skin will thank you for it. Many people think that wearing makeup causes breakouts but that’s not necessarily true. You just have to make sure that you are following a safe routine and using products that are safe for your skin.

If you have been noticing breakouts on your skin and you think that it could be caused by your makeup you should make sure that your brushes are clean every time you use them and that you are using non-clogging sensitive skin makeup.

Along with these efforts you should also be following a daily skin care routine. You be using a cleanser, moisturizer, and skin treatment that address your skin care concerns. If you want to improve the brightness and clarity of your skin you should think about adding Solvaderm Skincare’s Juvabrite for skin brightening. It is an effective skin cream that rejuvenates the skin, evens out the skin tone, and fade’s dark spots.


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