4 Stages: Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Review


What is Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program? – Lately, a new program for weight loss was launched, this program could be considered a bit different from these commercial weight loss programs that flood the internet nowadays. This program focuses on controlling your body, making sure you would lose weight up to the point you desire and also make sure of this through their online website and community.

ideal protein weight loss program

This program is called “ideal protein weight loss program”. The main principle that this program focuses on is the fact that to get faster fat burning and weight loss, you must make all of your body burning that fat. This would not happen unless the body actually uses fat as the main source of energy. Furthermore, this would happen only if the liver’s reserve of glycogen is depleted, and knowing that the liver stores 3 days’ supply of glycogen to use it as fuel, we must exhaust all of it before having to start relying on fat as energy resource. The other idea here is that you must stop consuming sugar and carbs for the time of 3 days for the body to switch mechanism. After this it would continue to use fat as an energy resource as long as it is not provided with carbs.

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So this is what you are not eating on ideal protein weight loss program, but what do you actually eat? This program suggests 4 phase program to get the results you want regarding weight loss, it also promises the user that she would lose from 3-7 pounds each week, which could be a buck for a bank when that is said.

One of the biggest things offered here is the fact that this being a high protein diet as it resembles removing both carbs and fats from the diet and even when consuming protein, you would only be consuming the best type of protein packed in meals and added to water to be consumed. This method ensures the quality of the consumed protein as well as making sure that there are no other ingredients in the pack but protein, some vegetable juices are included in the diet as they would not contain much sugar like the normal vegetables would have, and thus you are getting rid of whatever is destroying your diet.

There is another thing to be noticed, which is when you start this high protein diet your body would start relying on fat as the main resource of energy and burning that fat might result in smell to occur while urinating, or sweating. This is reckoned to the fact that ketones, which are the building blocks of fat. Are existing there and this could actually be considered a positive sign, that means your body is now burning fat instead of sugar and that the ideal protein weight loss program is working.

Weight-loss stories say The Ideal Protein diet is the winner: Carol Ann Lanzarotta knew she needed to do anything to weight loss and she had already tried a lot of different things. see the video (youtube.com)


4 Stages: Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

  • Stage 1: Start out using a packet as the basis of 3 of 4 meals each day. you follow this until you reached 70 – 80% of your weight loss goal.
  • Stage 2: Reduce the Ideal foods to two per day and continue the Ideal program until you have reached 100% of your goal.
  • Stage 3: Weight loss stabilization, you will re-introduce moderate amounts of fats and carbohydrates to diet for fourteen days. You only have one the Ideal packet per day with two other meals.
  • Stage 4: Continue to eat the way you want by this time learned to eat and to choose the healthy foods and the right combinations of foods.

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Finally, ideal protein weight loss program is worth mentioning that this program is worth trying as it will help those who wish to lose weight to actually achieve their goals, as there are no shortcuts in this program and any cheating would result in your body returning to rely on sugar and stop the weight loss process.