Type Of Foods That Cause Acne


foods that cause acne

The worst thing that can happen to a woman is to get acne and never know what the cause for the breakout is. Most people think that it is just the bacterial infection of the sebum on their skin. As much as that is true, the other cause of acne can be the type of food a person eats. The type of foods that cause acne in an individual might be different in another person. The bodies of different people react differently to certain types of food. Most doctors after conducting several studies have come to the conclusion that certain food types can trigger a breakout of acne.

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Update: Other Cause of Acne Women Should Know:

Below Are The Top Foods That Cause Acne.


milk photo
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We all love to wake up and have a glass of milk in the morning or any other time during the day. However, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, they believe that there is a link between acne breakouts and milk consumption. That is some quite bad news for people who love to drink milk at any time of the day. They say that the milk is likely to increase the number of acne-producing hormones to high levels. The recommended milk types that will reduce spikes in acne hormones include rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk, and coconut milk.


Sugar photo
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It is possible that we will have to give up all the right stuff because of acne. The problem with sugar is that it is pro-inflammatory. That is the condition that will favor breakouts of acne. If you continue having a diet full of sugars, it is possible to start experiencing the breakout of acne. Make sure to follow an anti-inflammatory diet if you want to eliminate the possibilities of getting acne. Dermatologists recommend that if you must eat some sugar related food, it should be raw honey, maple syrup, or small amounts of stevia.


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This food type is likely to cause a breakout around your mouth and along the jawline. The main reason is that the soy and other related food types such as tofu have natural plant estrogens. When these hormones are introduced into the body, there is bound to be some hormonal imbalance. This is the perfect recipe for breakouts to occur. Always be careful with the soy products that you eat because they are likely to have the same effect.


Coffee photo

Who ever thought that coffee would make to the list of foods that cause acne? Taking coffee can trigger a chain of several hormonal changes. We make coffee give us the stimulation we need something to be done as soon as possible. [sc:Right300x250 ]

However, coffee has some organic acid is in it that will raise the levels of cortisol in the body. This will in turn stimulate the sebaceous glands and inflammation. Now that is a perfect way of starting an acne breakout. Replace the coffee with tea sometimes to minimize the effects.

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Some of the foods that cause acne are what we love to eat every day. However, we can always make compromises when it comes to our health. Listen to your doctors who know exactly the type of foods that can trigger acne for your body.