How to Pull Through Without Insurance for Pregnant Women


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Recent reports show that the average cost of delivery has hit the roof. The total cost of delivering is about $7000, and this is only if your pregnancy doesn’t have other complications. A C-section might cost you a minimum of up to $12,000 which is not an amount everyone can just raise. Insurance for pregnant women has become so expensive and unfortunately not all pregnant women are covered. So what do you do when you are pregnant, but you don’t have insurance cover?

Pregnancy will involve your prenatal visits, lab work, hospital room, ultrasounds, delivery charges, post-delivery checkup, nursery care, even the circumcision if necessary. In some instances, it might also require a C-section that is something you don’t want if you have no insurance. This is because it complicates everything and makes it very expensive.

insurance for pregnant women

The fact that you don’t have insurance for pregnant women is pretty stressful, and no mother would wish to go through this. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you will have to find an alternative so that you are not hard hit by this.

Ways To Alleviate The Financial Constrictions Of Pregnancy Without Insurance Cover

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Don’t postpone prenatal care

pregnant womenIt is advisable to start prenatal care immediately you find out that you are pregnant. Start taking prenatal vitamins and avoiding drug abuse. Make sure you pay the midwife or an obstetrician regular visits to so that you are constantly updated on your baby’s growth. This will work to your advantage because you will be able to solve all potential problems in time. Your chances of a low-risk pregnancy will be pretty high.

Inquire if you are eligible for Medical aid

The government (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) also supports pregnant women with low incomes to get medical attention. Pregnancy is one of the conditions the government supports in this program. Many pregnant women with low income have benefited from these medical programs. Other programs help mothers in providing a healthy diet for themselves and their infants.

Go for programs that have discounts

As much as you would want your baby to get the best medical care. In this situation where you are facing financial restrictions, you will have to compromise. If you do not have insurance for pregnant women there are programs that will provide you with medical services at a great discount. Some of these services will require monthly payments but at the end of the day the cost will be sufficiently affordable.You will have to do your homework and find out which health care providers near you offer medical services you need at a discount.

Negotiate the cost of medical services

You will be surprised to find out that most health care provider are caring and are out to help pregnant women. Some hospitals are willing to drop the prices slightly for mothers who are paying in cash. Others are also willing to assist mothers who are completely helpless, if only they agree to repay the cost on a monthly basis or terms that both parties agree on.

These tips can help mothers without insurance for pregnant women deliver a healthy baby. They don’t necessarily have to spend all the money they got or lose their mind because of too much stress. They need to be determined and hope everything will work out to their advantage.