Does Smoking Cause Acne: Indirect Effects Of Smoking On Acne


does smoking cause acne

The effects of smoking are just many. A person can even write an e-Book about them but still people will smoke. People to calm their nerves intense situations mostly used cigarettes. However, people started to abuse them over sometime. Now everyone is trying to quit but it seems impossible. Nevertheless, the question does smoking cause acne? It is a question that has raised quite a heated debate between heath organizations and the cigarette manufacturers. Some say that smoking aids in causing acne while other deny it was saying it is just a misconception.

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Here Are Findings From Epidemiological Studies

The question if smoking directly causes acne made several organizations carry out some epidemiological studies. The had to compare the rate at which smokers and non-smokers get acne. However, the results were a bit confusing to many scientists. In some countries, the smokers had more tendency of having acne. Another study showed in other countries, the non-smokers were more prevalent to acne than the smokers were. The results were inconclusive on the issue that does smoking cause acne. Some people even started saying that smoking had both positive and negative effects on the skin. Some would beg to differ with such statements.

The Indirect Effects Of Smoking On Skin And Acne

It was hard to prove that smoking actually caused the acne on most people but here is what we know about smoking. This could make it possible to increase the chances of getting acne.

  • We know that smoking will have an effect on the inflammatory response on the skin. When a person smokes, the immune system will weaken making it easy for bacteria to attack. This can be an opportune moment for the acne-causing bacteria to act also. There will be less opposition to it on the skin.
  • We all know that vitamins are essential for our bodies. That is why most nutritionists and doctors will recommend the intake of more vitamins. Smoking will reduce the amount of vitamin E in the body. The small presence of vitamins will mean that the body cannot get rid of toxic material easily from the body. Without the protection and antioxidants, bacteria from the toxic waste will infect the sebum released by the skin. This will give rise to acne.
  • Smoking can easily increase the levels of hormonal acne in the body. The effect of smoking will make the body resist in intake of insulin and increase the sugar levels. In addition, studies have shown that smoking will increase the levels of testosterone. All these imbalances are a recipe for the presence of acne on anybody.

At the moment, the question does smoking cause acne cannot be fully answered. We all know that smoking can cause a lot of harms to your body. Even if it does not directly cause acne, it causes other health issues. Any person who is smoking should make an effort of quitting before it destroys your life. Remember that causes of acne will vary from one person to another, whether they smoke or not.

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