The Common Signs Of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS)


signs of delayed sleep phase syndrome

Delayed sleep phase syndrome is a sleeping disorder whereby you delay getting to bed beyond the conventional time to sleep. This syndrome also delays you in waking in the morning. The people suffering from this disorder say that they feel comfortable and can work well during odd night hours as compared to daytime. Children with this disorder are most alert during night hours. Signs of delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) can be easily identified in children. Research shows that if at one time a person with delayed sleep phase syndrome sleeps earlier than the time which will be spent on the bed will be very minimal.

The Causes Of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

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There is no exact cause for the disorder in spite of many researchers that has been conducted. The syndrome is majorly on adolescents. The habit of sleeping late can make this condition worse. Children and adolescents are the ones prone to this and it disappears as they age.

Visible Signs Of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

This syndrome is characterized by inability to fall asleep. If most of the time, you don’t feel like sleeping until late midnight them probably you may be suffering from delayed sleep phase syndrome. Pregnancy can make a mother stay awake till late night but as it continues it finally comes to be a habit. The habit can turn to be a disease as it continues after a woman gives birth without her knowledge.

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Difficulties In Waking Up At The Desirable Time

Because of delayed time of sleep it becomes a challenge to wake up at six, it will extend to eight, nine and sometimes ten. Working people who need to wake up earlier and prepare for work usually sleeps at daytime, this may happen at a given time during the day throughout.

Depression And Behavior Problems Among Children

Children may have the hard time waking up early in the morning to attend schools, sometimes they may end up missing school. For those who try much they experience daytime drowsiness leading to poor academic performance for most children.

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Once a person suffering from this disorder sleep, it is hard to wake up during the night. You find that the brain’s working cycle as changed completely in the childhood which later diminishes as time goes by. People having this problem has gone as far as taking drugs so that they can sleep early and wake up in time to catch up with time for work. It is very hard to keep a demanding job if you are have a delayed sleep phase syndrome, this is because the time you are needed at the job you will be sleeping or you sleep at the job while your services are being waited for.

If you are hard on this problem then, you can be able to get away from these signs of delayed sleep phase syndrome for example you can strictly follow the schedule and be motivated to follow it throughout. It would come time you would no longer sleep late or wake up late unless you had something important doing at night. Practicing good sleeping habit can be another cure. Make sure that the time you take in bed is enough so that you can wake up while fresh and strong. Good sleeping keeps the mind active all the time and minimizes unnecessary fatigue and Signs of delayed sleep phase syndrome will disappear.

Update: Delayed Sleep Phase (

Difficulty falling asleep may be result of delayed body clock. Known as DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome) this infographic outlines the facts impacts and treatment for delayed sleep pattern.

Delayed Sleep Phase