Many times, the forearm muscles are usually overlooked when working out other parts of the arm. Actually, when attempts are made to build the forearms, some people mistakenly think that preacher curls and bench presses, workouts designed to target the biceps and pectorals respectively, will develop the forearms too. This isn’t always the case. Here is how to build forearm muscles effectively.

how-to-build-forearm-muscle-200x300Reverse Barbell Curls

This is one among the best ways on how to build forearm muscles. Pick up a barbell that’s not too heavy with an overhand hold. Make sure your hands are about a hip length apart and your feet at a shoulders length. For the best workout, try keeping your thumbs on top of the bar and not under it. Start the exercise with your arms straight and the barbell on your thigh. Start curling the barbell up until your arm is at your shoulder level, perpendicular to your body. Then, slowly lower the barbell back to your thigh.

Farmers Walk

Performing this exercise often will help build your forearm muscles over time. With both of your hands, pick up two heavy dumbbells. With your back straight and arms down, walk as far as you possibly can with the dumbbells in your hand. As soon as you feel that your arms cannot hold the dumbbells anymore, carefully put them on the ground and let your arm rest for about one minute. Then, pick up the dumbbells again and continue walking as far as you can. For this workout, it may be wise to put on a back brace so as to help support your lower back.

Hand Grippers

For this forearm workout, you’ll need a hand gripper, which you can find at any sports store in your area or online. There are many workouts you can perform with a hand gripper. The first workout is quite simple. Grab the hand grippers and close them. Keep the hand grippers closed for as long as you possibly can.

Another workout you can perform with hand grippers is to change your hands while you’re gripping it and then gradually increase the number of times you grip with each hand.

Knuckle Push-Ups

A wonderful way on how to build forearm muscles is to do pushups on your knuckles. This can also improve your ability and your power to punch. Put your fists directly below your shoulders, on the ground, and then curl your toes beneath your feet. Perform a pushup while tightening your core so as to maintain a straight back. Slowly lower your body until your chest is approximately three inches from the floor, and then push yourself back up.

Barbell Wrist Curls

To position yourself for this workout, start by slightly leaning forward so that you’re able to put both of your forearms between your legs while you’re seating on a bench. When grabbing the barbell, keep both your palms facing you. Now, with your wrists completely stretched slowly lower the barbell. Slightly loosen your hold on the barbell, and then move it a bit lower again. Next, tighten your grasp and return your wrist back to its normal position. Raise the barbell once again, after slowly lowering the barbell. Repeat this workout.

In conclusion, these are just some of the ways on how to build forearm muscles. It is important that you exercise regularly so as to attain desired results. The more often you exercise and the more amount of time you devote to working out, the more rapid the outcomes. However, bear in mind that strenuous daily exercises may cause damage to tendon and exercising on alternate days may give your tendons and muscles time to recover.