Reviews Profollica Hair Regrowth Products For Men And Women


profollicaHair loss affects both men and women. Although rare in women, genetics can lead some women experiencing thinning hair or pattern baldness. For men, hair loss is more prominent, especially when it runs in the family’s genetics. There is a natural way to regrow hair and prevent the dihydrotestosterone from taking over and the demonstrates how Profollica promotes natural hair growth. Doctors approve the use of this system as it has proven results.

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All-Natural Ingredients

Chemical-based hair regrowth programs often leave the scalp dry, flaky and irritated. Some chemicals affect healthy hair follicles and produce new hair with a different texture. In this products, you won’t find a single chemical.

Natural ingredients including enzymes, proteins, and amino acids are used to stimulate the hair follicles and trigger new hair growth. This helps slow the process of thinning hair and regrows hair where it has already fallen out.

hair regrowth products

Simple 2-step anti-hair loss system that works from the inside out to help lower your DHT levels.

Use The Daily Oral Supplement

An oral supplement is used daily in this program. The supplement has amino acids, proteins, enzymes and herbal extracts as its main ingredients. The formula also includes nutrients that help feed the hair follicles.

The time of day that you take the supplement does not matter. You should, however, take the supplement at the same time every day. The reason to take the supplement at the same time daily is that your body will need that same push of natural ingredients roughly 24 hours after taking the first dose.


Applying The Activator Gel

prof-guaranteeThe activator gel formula includes trichogen. It is proven that at least 90-percent of men experiencing thinning hair or hair loss saw natural hair regrowth results. There were no adverse side effects or skin irritations noted in studies.

The application process for the gel is quite simple. Use the dropper and apply a couple of drops to the affected area. Massage the activator gel into the scalp. That is all. The gel begins working right away to penetrate down deep into the follicles to wake them up and promote hair growth.

Reduce the Effects of DHT

Dihydrotestosterone is present in every person’s body. It can cause hair follicles to shrink. The shrinking process eventually kills the follicle altogether. This type of testosterone can overpower the natural cycle of hair growth.

Once you notice that your hair is thinning or there are loose hairs on your pillowcase in the morning, this is a sign that DHT is causing a disruption in the hair follicles. It is best to start using Profollica shortly after this discovery to reduce the effects that continued DHT destruction causes.

Hair Regrowth

Men and women alike can all fell comfortable in public once new hair growth begins. Styles and washes just as the rest of your natural hair does. There are no textural differences between the new hair strands and those that have been growing your entire life. The time in which you see results varies depending on the strength and presence of DHT in the body. Typically, results begin to be noticeable in just a couple of weeks.