Review Butter Nail Polish Collection (London Cut Up)


I received Butter Nail Polish Collection from my aunt five months ago and it looks pretty. Earlier on I used a certain nail polish whose name I would not even remember, but it didn’t amaze in any way. The problem was that, after having my nails polished it would take a long time to dry up. It also didn’t last for long since it came out anytime I would wash my clothes. Imagine it was not easily recognizable, it was watery. Imagine spending much of your time and money but finally having unfavorable returns, very annoying indeed. I had even planned to contact the manufacturer, but I missed the contacts, I would have done it.

butter nail polish

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The first time I saw Butter Nail Polish it looked great even from the outside, the bottle is very good, well labeled and gives the picture of what you will finally have after doing the polish. Since then it has changed my look completely. My friends are the first people who noticed and they were really in need of it. Other polish does have that tendency of drying up easily when used for a long time in the bottle but this didn’t. I painted all of it and even am keeping the first bottle to use it as the reference point for my future polish.

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I went ahead to inquire from the internet if am the only one liking the product, I tell you I was surprised to see all types of reviews that were talking good of the item. If you were in my shoes at that time, you would not have wasted your time reading more and more. You would have taken the step and buy the Butter Nail Polish. First it is very easy to apply with any type of brush. It gets dry at a high rate and keep on shining for a long time. I paint my nails each and every week so I don’t wait until it starts coming out.

When I bout the second batch it looked great than the previous, I can’t explain how it was but same as the first one but to me it was gorgeous. It comes with a variety of colors so if you need to be changing each week you can do with different color. I make my nails unique by painting three colors at a time and they do look good. I have all the art you can think of. This week I can have them painted like a zebra but with different colors not black and white and if you get me the following week you may find different design.

butter london cut up nail polish collection

Painting my nails in a hobby so most of free time I spend painting my friends. If I compare the price of my Butter Nail Polish Collection (London Cut Up) with its value they, do much so for the price I don’t have any issue. The problem is that it can only be shipped to United States. If you are not coming from around am sorry for you. I hope the shipping will expand and go far other than US.

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