Loss Of Hearing In One Ear: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


loss of hearing in one ear

Loss of hearing in one ear – this is a common problem. It can be caused by different things. You should avoid the causes for avoiding this problem. There are some medications for the problem. You should also know about that properly.

Causes of Loss Of Hearing In One Ear

There can be different causes for loss of hearing in one ear, including the genetics, illness, age. One of the most common reasons of loss of hearing is the age. Every one of three people faces this problem within 65-74. The ratio increases after the age of 75. The relationship between the age and the hearing problem isn’t fully clear. It can be the result of long-term effect of the damaging factors like noise.

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This problem can be also caused by the genes. People, who work in the noisy environment, also face the loss of hearing in one ear after a specific period. So people need to maintain a noise level in the working place. Transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, military includes some work which can create extreme noise. Music can also cause loss of hearing though earplugs are used nowadays for protecting the ears of the musicians. Some chemicals and medications do harm to the human body and cause loss of hearing. Different types of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease create problems in the blood supply of the ears and so it can cause hearing loss sometimes.

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Hearing loss [webmd] is a slow process and so it is barely noticed by anyone. But some symptoms will be revealed day by day. You will have trouble in understanding the phone conversations. You will also face troubles when there will be a conversation with more than one person at a time. You won’t understand the mumbling of people. Most of the time you will misunderstand the sayings of people. You will always ask people to repeat their speech. You will try to understand them by hearing them again and again. You will watch TV in full volume. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hear the conversation in it.

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How to Treatment Hearing Loss in One Ear?

The source and the type of hearing loss determine the type of treatment that is required for the specific patient. If the hearing loss is caused by infection, it can be treated with the antibiotics. If medications are the cause of your hearing loss, you need to consult a doctor for another option. A hearing aid can help you if you have a permanent hearing problem. But a few numbers of people use the aid. The hearing aid is a tiny instrument that helps in hearing the sound louder. If you don’t have the proper aid, you will not hear the exact sound. It will seem different. You need to consult with the doctor then. There are also other technologies for enhancing sounds. Different listening systems help in fulfilling the purpose.

If you are facing loss of hearing in one ear, you need to have proper treatment about this. You need to go to the doctor and have the proper solution. In this way, you can solve the problems while listening to someone.