Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Review (Whole Bean Coffee)


I have used several roast coffee but with Kicking Horse Coffee (Kick Ass Dark) beat all other coffee types. It is only five months that I have used; I can recommend it without any doubt. The smell, that I used to have from other types of roast coffee that were poorly roasted can no longer be smelt anymore.

I really love it. The flavor is good and it doesn’t have bitter flavors. You can be my witness if you are a lover of coffee. I take a cup of coffee each and every morning so there is need to find the best so that I can have an enjoyable cup. (Read: Kicking Horse Coffee Review)

kicking horse coffee

See Product Details: Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark, Whole Bean Coffee (2.2-Pound)

I do have many people who visit me, amazingly all of them happens to like a cup of coffee made from Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark. It is perfectly made to fit the needs of the users. In the case where you don’t need dark coffee you can add some milk so that it can fit your demand?

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I love it move when it get accompanied with cakes and loaf of bread. It long since I started taking coffee with my grandfather when I was five years old. As at per now I think I have been addicted to it and I cannot stop.

If I take a day without then I cannot function properly, but don’t be afraid of being an addict it diminishes easily within few days.

It reached a point that I was almost giving up taking the coffee reason being, the brand I was using had a bitter flavor. Sometimes I will strain taking it. It was pathetic with an unpleasant taste.

Sometimes I just miss what I can say about Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark since all I wanted now is on my table. The coffee is very delicious, smooth, and drinkable with a great aroma. The prices are amazing you don’t need to complain of it as compared to other dark roast coffee.

Kick Ass DarkImagine with all the features it ends up being the cheapest. It is your choice either to change the test of your cup of coffee or you remain on the one you are used to. It is until you taste it that you can tell its goodness. Don’t just look at the color and conclude that it is the same our other brands it’s unique.

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark came to my life after the company from which I was getting my coffee ran out of stock. I had to find another alternative because I wouldn’t stop enjoying my cup of coffee because the company has failed to produce enough.

Through my search, I came across amazing reviews which drew my attention to this brand. At first I was not aware of it so I had no option but give it a trial. I do give thanks to amazing because they have made me get exactly what satisfies me.

My friends love it, I have frequent friends and this is the only drink that I offer them and am not ashamed. 

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