WearEver C943SA64 10 Piece Cookware Set Review


Have liked using pans in cooking till am used to them. Without them, I think all will be in a mess. For your kitchen to look tidy and beautiful, you need to have pans for cooking. They come with different sizes and shapes; with this you will be able to select the type of pan you find good to you. With the many reviews that I read on Online Shopping Website about WearEver C943SA64 10 Piece Cookware Set, my life has become perfect with minimal burns while cooking. The sizes are amazing from the smaller one that you can use for frying eggs to that big one which can be used for cooking rice equivalent to more than ten people.

wearever c943sa64

See Product Details: WearEver C943SA64 Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Coating PTFE-PFOA-Cadmium Free Dishwasher Safe 10 Piece Cookware Set, Red

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This set of WearEver C943SA64 10 Piece Cookware Set actually is strikingly handsome. Their surfaces are nonstick making them easy for cleaning and have been beyond my expectation. I have cooked shredded cheese to crisp wed without the use of oil and also added eggs on top and it slides, real amazing product. They don’t need much heat as the food may not cook well. I have saved my gas much by the use of these pans since the much I can open my gas is medium to low heat. With this low temperature, they can cook very fast since they radiate the heat from the bottom as well as from the sides like an oven.

They hold heat for a long time even after the heat has been put out. If you are not careful, your food may run dry, so what you need to do is to time when the food is almost ready then switch out the gas. Being nonstick it has saved me a lot of money which I would use in the buying washing machine. They can be easily cleaned by hand and remain good throughout. You will never imagine that I have used my set of pans for more than three years, they just look wow, clean, shiny and new all the time. Care should be taken not to break the handles. Continuously there is need to check whether the nuts are tightly fitted, to minimize injuries while cooking.

wearever c943sa64 10 piece cookware setLids are great and they fully cover the pans enabling all the heat remain closed enhancing faster cooking. During storage, you have to ensure that you put a cloth in between them so they don’t scratch. Good storage also improves their durability, if you are such a careless person then within a day they will be full of scratches, WearEver C943SA64 10 Piece Cookware Set will no longer be stainless. Scratches encourage food to stick on the pan and you will never cook without oil.

Due to poor handling that is why you can get terrible reviews. Many say that it only works perfect within a week and then after that it becomes worse than you expected. When cooking you need to make sure that you stir properly and never use a spoon stirring, find something that cannot cause damages to your pan. Is cooking a fight? Be relaxed while cooking and if you fast then add some heat but hard stirring will not help.

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