Symptoms of Bladder Cancer in Women That Should Not Be Overlooked


symptoms of bladder cancer in women

Bladder cancer is best known to hit women the worst. Compared to men, women are more likely to be infected by stage 4 bladder cancer in the modern society. This is why it very important to know the symptoms of bladder cancer in women so that you don’t overlook the signs. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to spread of the cancer in the body which will prove fatal. It is always advisable to know your cancer stage early enough so that treatment can start early enough. Stage 1 bladder cancer is easy to treat and responds positively to treatment compared to stage 4 cancers. This is because stage 4 cancer has spread to other organs and has probably formed a secondary tumor in another part of the body. If the bladder cancer is identified early enough, it can be removed through surgery including the metastasis.

It is true the body of a woman experiences numerous changes and telling the symptoms might be a bit of a challenge. Knowing the symptoms of bladder cancer in women is however important because you will get to know some of the obvious signs. The most important thing is that you pay attention so that you get to notice any abnormal changes.

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Studies show that women are always worse hit by bladder cancer compared to men and can have a worse tumor and prognosis. One thing every woman should avoid by all means is late diagnosis. Knowing the symptoms will help you not to ignore the most obvious signs.

The Most Common Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer In Women

Every woman should watch out for these signs and symptoms to avoid late diagnosis.

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  • Anomalous skin changes – An abnormal change in the skin color can be a sign of bladder cancer. Any rapid changes on the skin that appears to be abnormal should raise an alarm.
  • Blood in the pee – This is normally the clearest sign of bladder infection and possibly bladder cancer. This symptom should not be taken lightly; the person should seek immediate medical attention.
  • Pain on passing urine – This is also a symptom that should not be overlooked. If you feel pain or pass urine frequently you should also see a doctor because these are signs of an infected bladder.
  • Back pain and/or abdominal pain – If you have back pain or abdominal pain or even both, you should probably see a doctor. Even if it is not bladder related these two symptoms are always a sign of body malfunction.
  • Loss of weight and appetite – Bladder cancer can result to weight loss or appetite loss. If both of these are due to unexplainable reasons seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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Some of the symptoms only appear if the cancer has spread rapidly while some are visible during the early stages. It is vital for every person to know these symptoms of bladder cancer in women not only for your benefit but also to help others. Remember that early treatment of cancer always has a high survival rate compared to late diagnosis. To avoid getting shocking news that will probably give you a heart attack, every woman should always be aware of her health status. The signs don’t necessarily mean a woman has bladder cancer, only tests will reveal if there is an infection.