Review Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Kit (Home Brewing Craft)


I have been thinking on how I can make my own beer at home. It has been a long time of big thoughts but recently it all happened. What I didn’t want is to spend a lot of many since it was just a trial. The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Kit made it simple for me as a new beginner homebrewer. Reading many books to get how brew is made was my greatest fear. That is the reason why I just needed a simple kit. My greatest aim was to try it and if all goes well then continue with the game.

mr. beer premium gold edition kit

See Product Details: Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Making Kit

I spent much of my time searching for the best kit, but luckily a landed on Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Kit who had very amazing reviews. The fact that I learned Shopping Online would ship it for free made me go ahead to get it. I had no idea on how to start but with the instruction kit I was able to do all by myself.

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What I had is to follow the instruction that came with this product about sanitizing, brewing bottling and finally conditioning. I came to realize anybody who can read and understand can make her own beer at home by Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit. You can only have the smell of beer the time you are bottling and preparing the wort.

If you want to get the best beer, you need to follow the 2-2-2 rule. When you are preparing the beer, this rule can lead you to the best of the best results ever. The beer in the keg should be allowed to ferment for two weeks (first 2). This is aimed at giving it flavor and alcohol content. To fully carbonate you have to bottle it and leave it for two weeks again (second 2).

The final stage is refrigeration which should also take two weeks (third 2) and then your home brew will be ready to give you full enjoyment. That is how the 2-2-2 rule comes up.

beer premium gold edition kitSince I started brewing at home, I usually use plastic bottles which look better to me, you can use a glass bottle if you like so. Plastic bottles have an added advantage as they can easily enable you identifies whether the brew is fully carbonated. Unlike the glass bottles which are delicate, they can break at any time they fall off the table or shelf. It is very expensive to get Mr. Beer empty bottle. Instead, you can buy 16oz plastic 7-up bottles. For one fermented, you can get 16 of the 16 oz as long as the plastic bottles are made to hold carbonated drinks.

Home Beer Kit

For you to get free shipping, you need to make an order of more than $99 or else you pay for the shipping. All has been well with me and I can now take my cool beer at home and sometimes I sell the surplus to my friends at a bit low cost. Get Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Kit (Home Brewing Craft) and all the enjoyment will be yours.

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