Review Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Machine (150 Stainless Steel)


Atlas 150 pasta machineI wanted something good that can the best pasta ever. The information which I found about the metal manual pasta machine really discouraged me a lot. On my searches, I came to know Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Machine (150) which had a reasonable price and it had a lot of positive reviews. I have come to learn that if something is good for at least 60% of the people who use it then the probability that you will get the best is high. Being the first time that I had about it, it's only hoped that I had about the same.

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Since I bought Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Machine, it's now the third year that am using it and I make use of it every day and sometimes I can rent it out to my friends. Not difficult in using this machine, if it is about cleaning it is the easiest since you don’t need water to do the same. I tried making pasta by my hands but realized they were not as good as those that were from Atlas 150. It is faster and easy to use it. It has enabled me to eat fresh pasta often than before.

marcato atlas wellness pasta machine

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I have seen some negative reviews about this product but am sure it is the fault of the user and not for Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Machine 150. You will ever be disappointed with the entire pasta maker if you don’t make the dough right. The dough dictates much on the taste since it is a combination of all the ingredients. The dough should not be too wet. If it is wet then, it will stick to the cutters or rollers, and the noodle strands will come out of the cutter stock altogether. There are many factors that can affect the dough ending up being sticky. They include room temperature and humidity where you are making the pasta, type of the flour, if the dough contains oil or not, the temperature and size of the eggs can immensely affect the quality of the dough.

Make greater pasta for your family all the time and keep on growing healthier. The Atlas 150 pasta machine being the most famous machine in the world you are guaranteed the best out of it. You can make spaghetti, tagliarini, fettuccine and flat dough sheet with this machine.

Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta MachineThe thickness of the pasta can be controlled by the knob. This is a heavy machine which is made up of chrome plated steel body. Rollers are very durable and are made up of anodized aluminum. Rollers are free from heavy metals such as nickel and chromium which can be harmful to your health and they also grip the dough better. Atlas 150 has its instruction book which must be followed so that the machine can be maintained in the right shape.

You need to buy one and you have no idea where you can get the best Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Machine 150. The product can be found on Shopping Online and they provide shipping services which you should pay for. Any time you make an order you will receive your machine within 24 hours. I made an order and within six hours my machine was with me in my kitchen.

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