For many years, people have had problems trying to get pregnant since many of them lack tips on the best position to get pregnant. This has made many of them have problems whenever they are trying to get pregnant. Here is a guide on the best five sex positions for conception:

1. Missionary

Missionary style of having sex is the most common position that many people know, and this makes it have many benefits. In the position, a woman lies right on her back while man is right on top of her. Since her pelvis is never tilted while facing downwards, it helps sperms of the man to move closer into the cervix thus helping in the conception. The man also has a better leeway of achieving a better penetration. The position also helps couples to feel closer, to make a woman more connected to the man. This definitely makes it one of the best positions that you can try when thinking of getting pregnant faster.

2. Glowing Triangle

This pose is another offshoot of the missionary position. In here, the man is always on the top as the woman below, but with a difference of a man is on fours with the legs extended out. Here, the woman’s pelvis is often raised (a woman can use a pillow to give it an added lift) before wrapped around her man. The position often helps to increase the depth of his penetration at the same time helping tilt a woman’s pelvis upwards. The advantage of the position is that a woman often do the movement while the man relaxes.

3. The Anvil Or The Rock And Roller Position

Something like missionary, the position often ensures ensure that you get that deep penetration to hit a woman’s g-spot while helping in the conception at the same time a woman is getting orgasm. In this position, a woman will lie on her back while the man is right on her top. A woman can then raise both of her legs to make them above her head while the man penetrates.

4. Doggy Style

A great position that has made many men loves it. This doggy style is perfect for making a baby. Apart from being fun, it also increases the amount of penetration at the same time opening up cervix more when compared to other sex positions. The position will check all boxes in your sex for conception.

5. Magic Mountain

The pose is same as doggy style, but the man often bend over a woman, to make her back move towards his chest. One can make this sex more pleasurable through hugging while sex. Here, a woman is often bent over at waist and can have pillows beneath her to stabilize her body. You can limit the number of pillows as a way of increasing the bend in her waist helping in pelvis tilt. This pose often allows for that deep penetration and hits g-spot to stimulate the clitoris and as best position to get pregnant


In conclusion, these five best position to get pregnant should help you conceive.