There are various changes that happen to your baby during pregnancy day by day. You can easily be aware of the things that are related with the pregnancy if you are giving some care. In most of the cases you can find the way your baby changes throughout pregnancy. Your baby can go through changes during pregnancy day by day. It is really awesome to know about these changes. If you have idea about what is happening to your baby at each stage then you can easily do the things that are necessary for your baby at various point of time.

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If you are going through pregnancy for the first time then there are chances for you to take lot of time in knowing about the movements that your baby makes inside your belly. Knowing these tiny and first sensations that is occurring inside the womb can be an exciting thing for any lady who is going to give birth to a kid. If you have already gone through a pregnancy then you can easily understand the movements that your baby makes in about 16 weeks of pregnancy. If you are not able to feel the movements that your baby makes within 24 weeks of pregnancy then it is necessary for you to meet the physicians for knowing how safe your baby is.

Things that your Baby Does Inside

When you do ultrasound scanning, then you can understand what the babies are doing inside and understand the movements. There are chances for your baby to have started moving long before you notice it. If you are fortunate then you can find your baby moving during the scan if baby is awake else can only see your baby inside womb. Your baby starts moving in about 7 – 8 weeks after being pregnant which can include startling and also bending sideways. In about nine weeks, your baby gets the ability to hiccup and also to move leg or arm. Your baby can also swallow or suck from the ninth week. From the 10th week, your baby can start rotating head and also can flex. Your baby can also move hands to touch face and open jaw. Your baby also starts stretching at this time. In about 11 weeks your baby can yawn and in 14 weeks can roll the eyes.


If you know your baby during pregnancy day by day them you may be able to figure out some of these movements. Gradually your baby starts making string movements that can be much easier for you to notice. You can also get used with the kicking and thumping from your baby as he or she starts stretching the limbs. You cannot expect your baby to move always there are chances for your baby to have the feeling of taking rest and also in sleeping. If you are not able to see many movements of your baby during scan, do not feel bad as your baby may be sleeping.

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pregnancy1How Many Kicks Each Day?

You cannot easily determine the number of kicks that you get from the baby. There is no particular calculation in that. There are chances for you to have the movements of your baby to felt more strongly as the weeks pass by. There is no need for writing down the movements of the baby. These charts may not be so helpful in understanding whether the kid is having any issue. If you forget filing the chart you may be worried thinking that baby is at risk. You can tune the pattern in which your baby moves. You can easily understand this rhythm as the pregnancy proceeds. Each and every baby has got their own pattern for sleeping and walking, if you are observing, you can understand the pattern of your baby. If you are finding any of the changes in the movements of the baby then there are chances for the individuals in choosing to meet the maternity unit.

Is it an issue that you didn’t feel your baby on a day?

There is nothing there for you to worry if you could not feel the movement of your baby in a day. You can feel the changes well if you are playing music or drinking something very cold. This can help you in knowing your pregnancy day by day and understanding your baby’s growth.