Are there Foods that Cause Heartburn during Pregnancy?


Common among pregnant women is the more number of complaints of discomfort, vomiting, fatigue; name them and they have them all. But, some pregnant women complain the discomfort of the pain in their cheat after eating some sort of fatty foods. Are there foods that cause heartburn during pregnancy?

foods that cause heartburn during pregnancy

Well, let us understand that heartburn is experienced by anybody who have acid in the stomach that refluxed through their oesophagus. Others would describe heartburn as some sort of burning sensation and gradually increases into pain from the breastbone to the lower throat. Imagine yourself as pregnant women and you suffer this kind of discomfort, will you not be alarmed? Precisely, Yes.

But, how this relates among pregnant women? Let us understand the fact that during pregnancy, women’s placenta is releasing hormones called progesterone. This progesterone allows the muscle of the uterus to relax. The same hormone that allows the valve which separates the oesophagus and the stomach to relax. When this happens, gastric acids in the stomach will now be released. This acid released brings about such unpleasant burning sensation. Acid continues to release during this stage until the baby grows bigger in the uterus.

Can this backing up of acid in the stomach be prevented in gushing up through the oesophagus? Of course, in cases when your stomach do not have acid to gush-up. But how? Are there foods that cause heartburn during pregnancy?

Note that heartburn among pregnant women can only be prevented and eliminated by avoiding foods that can cause heartburn. Talking about food that can cause heartburn is quite embarrassing among pregnant women because this is the stage of their lives that they love to eat anything under the sun. Pregnant women have all the appetite to eat all sorts of foods. So sad to tell them, that the foods to avoid are the food s also that they love to it in the course of their pregnancy.

We know that pregnant women love to eat chocolates. Unfortunately, chocolates are not advisable to a person whose stomach is full of acid and may continue to gush-up causing heartburn. Chocolates are like caffeinated drinks. In the case of soda, pepsi or coca-cola, the bubbles of the carbonation are the ones responsible in pushing acid to the oesophagus to gush-up. Not only that, pregnant women are not advised to eat meat and all sorts of oily or fatty foods. These foods are believed to have acid-forming substance that can worsen the releasing of gastric acid   from the relaxed muscles of the stomach of all pregnant women.

Pregnant women in the stage are prohibited also to eat oranges and all sorts of acidic fruits. But, this time when pregnant women love to eat exciting acidic fruits like mangoes and oranges. If you are in the shoes of pregnant women, will you sacrifice your craving? I have been into getting pregnant for three times, I must tell you that the most difficult action to stop by pregnant women is their craving. We will sick when we cannot eat the food that we desire and we love to eat and on top of these foods are those mangoes and oranges. We love to eat them. We find fulfilment of our cravings.

What about the heartburn that you are suffering all day long attributed mainly by the released progesterone which controls the muscles of the uterus. Isn’t it difficult to handle? Why of all the foods we like, acidic foods are the most avoided food during pregnancy.

Therefore, getting pregnant is difficult for those people who have been suffering heartburn. The burning pain that disturbs their activities everyday will get worst the moment progesterone is released by the placenta. These situations are the worst to handle by those women who suffer heartburn even before their pregnancy. These are the people who are most challenged to seriously consider abstinence to all listed foods which are considered sources of acids   as well as causes of heartburn.

Lastly, are the foods that cause heartburn during pregnancy can be deprived from pregnant women? We are not in the position to decide for pregnant women.  They know better of their illness.

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