Estrogen Pills for Women are good for the prevention of osteoporosis


Normally, women who have reached their menopause in their early years of age are most likely to suffer a lot of discomfort and health problems. Perhaps, they have missing organs already. The use of estrogen pills for women can be of great help for them. Just like any other pills, when taken orally will pass first by the liver before it goes to the bloodstream. Henceforth long use of pills may experience impairment of the liver.

Estrogen Pills for Women

How well estrogen works in women who have no more uterus? These pills are purposely made for those women who have no more uterus in their early years like 40s or 30s to supplement the needed level of estrogen in their bodies. These women find relief of their feelings and emotions.

Understanding the case of women without uterus, their purpose of estrogen therapy is to increase the level of estrogen in their bodies to bring some better results on their health conditions.

Osteoporosis and estrogen how this both works?

Studies have revealed that estrogen has direct relationship to osteoporosis. It was revealed in that study that absence of menstrual period will gradually cause the bone mass. Henceforth, all those in menopause stage must replenish the lost of estrogen through pills. Even women are in menopausal stage in order to make their bone mass in good shape.

Who are not supposed to use estrogen pills?

Not all women can take estrogen pills especially if they are pregnant, are experiencing unexplained vaginal bleeding, have chronic liver or have impaired liver function, have women-related cancer diseases. These related diseases may become worst when they stopped using pills. By the supplementation of the pills, their condition maybe worsened like that of cancer.

But for women who are recommended to take hormonal pills have better results in controlling the frequency of their hot flashes, have improved moodiness and sleep problems caused by hormonal changes. Through the medication of these pills, the lining of the vagina is maintained while reducing irritation. Since, the moment uterus and ovaries are removed from women; they don’t have natural oil that will lubricate the body, consequently irritating their organ. Thanks to the pills because they will be back to their natural sense of beauty.

Women on menopause usually suffer hot flushes caused by the absence of certain sex hormone. Through the supplementation of the pills, there is mimicry of the estrogen in their bodies resulting to sort of relief of hot flushes.

Another manifestation of relief from woman taking these pills is there dental problems. By the supplementation of estrogen, they find relief of the pain. This situation is being attributed by the changes of hormones. Studies have showed that gum tissue is affected by the lack of supply of blood resulting the plaque build-up. As noted, most of these women have periodontal disease. But they find relief in taking hormonal pills.

In some cases, women taking these pills have complaint a lot about headache, nausea, vaginal discharge, fluid retention and weight gain. Some also experience breast tenderness, spotting or darkening of the skin especially the skin and may sometimes result to worsen the case of endometriosis. Endometriosis is the condition of women where there is heavy bleeding. The thickening of endometrial lining is the main cause of endometriosis where bleeding in unstoppable. Should these women take hormonal pills the more the lining of the uterus will be thickened.

In general, taking of hormonal pills for women can sometimes be taken by men who suffers the lowering level if not the absence of estrogen. This supplement can help normalize the level of estrogen in their bodies. However, one of the prevailing conditions to hormonal therapy of men using the estrogen pills for women is the growth of breast tissue. This condition of men may endanger this condition towards the development of breast cancer. Henceforth, most men do not take hormonal pills instead they only develop the healthy lifestyle.

By developing healthy lifestyle amidst the condition of hormonal imbalance, men and women can be free from further complication of their diseases. Yes, it is not bad to take supplements for the lost hormones so long as you are cautious of the possible side effects.

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