Female Hormones for Men to save their Fertility or Destroy Life


    Like women, men also experience hormonal imbalance. Let us review the medical explanation of estrogens. Both men and women have estrogen. We know by science that ovaries in women have been producing estrogen which men have in their testes but in small amounts.

    female hormones for men

    The hormonal imbalance of women is attributed by the decrease of progesterone while men hormonal imbalance is by the decrease of estrogen level. Henceforth, some men would ask estrogen hormone from women in order to replenish the decreasing level of their estrogen. Literally, speaking, men only take the female hormone for that matter.

    Now, what about those transgender? Do they need the female hormone? Precisely, yes.

    The issue at hand now are the side effects experience by men when they take female hormone.

    The most common and the prevailing illness among men caused by the female hormone is the gynecosmastia. This is the abnormal growth of breast tissue in men but will never develop into full breasts as women do. If you notice, a lot of transgender have small breast. This formation or growth of breast tissue was the estrogen men have taken in their bodies. The estrogen continues to grow. We will know that men have high level of estrogen when there is abnormal growth of breast tissue.     Note, the obese men, breast tissue has been developed but it will soon vanish with their fitness. Should this growth of the breast tissue continues in a longer period of time, hormone imbalance must be treated like those of the women. The complication of the growth of the breast tissue is the risk of stroke caused by the blood clots in their breast especially when men are smokers. Like women, they are also prone to breast cancer attributed by the growth of the breast tissue.

    Another risk brought about by estrogen increase in men is prostate cancer. Common among men to suffer prostate cancer. Let it be noted that prostate is just a small gland found anterior to the rectum. A study published in a certain journal about the study of the levels of environmental estrogens. The study revealed a surprising risk of men relative to their exposure to chemicals. The same study revealed that high level of chemical content in men’s body may eventually result to formation of prostate cancer.

    Another known side effect of female hormones in men is the mental changes. The assertiveness and aggression of men are being affected by this hormone. Men who have taken female hormones become less active and less assertive as expected from. They become weak and lack the interest in most of the activities that men used to indulge.  Even the sex drive of men is affected by this. Should there be withdrawal of the female hormone in their bodies, some would experience depression, the more they become less active as they are in the state of depression. They sometimes experience fear of losing friends as they previously detached.

    In addition, the lower the level estrogen men have, the higher their risk of infertility. This is the result of low sperm count; non-motility of the sperm causes them to die inside the vagina of women

    Knowing these effects of high estrogen level of men, do female hormones work best in men? Should the estrogen level of men decreased, they had been in a state of hormone imbalance. Like women, the hormone imbalance of men can be remedied by both the natural and scientific way.

    The carrot a day principle will also work with men in a state of imbalance. They may eat if not drink a glass of carrot juice every day.

    Since, obesity is also the issue; they can join women in the health and fitness regimen. Men must go to gym or nutrition club to trim down as well to know their vital statistics in terms of fats and cholesterol level. By following a meal plan and good exercise everyday will help fats go away. Men should have flat abdomen, should not be hypertensive, and should have the weight of his age and height.

    Therefore, men are not accepted from the breast cancer cases. They too are counted should they are in a state of low level estrogen. Henceforth, female hormones for men should be avoided if we want to stay long in life.

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