Symptoms Of Thyroid Nodules (Symptoms Hypothyroidism)


Symptoms Of Thyroid Nodules (Symptoms Hypothyroidism). Thyroid nodule is a growth in the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland is located at the base of your neck. Read What Causes Thyroid Nodules?

symptoms of thyroid nodules

The first thing to know about this symptom is to find out what thyroid nodules [webmd] are. Thyroid nodules are lumps that are also known as growths that develop in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck. Thyroids are a very important part of your body and the role they play in the body is very vital. Thyroids are responsible for the production of the thyroid hormone which plays an important role in controlling a lot of body functions.

The thyroid hormone is responsible for controlling the many functions of the body. The hormone play a role in metabolism, skin and brain functioning, muscle development and other vital body functions. This makes it a very important hormone in the body of every human being. This makes it very important to be aware of anything that might affect your thyroids. Making it vital to know the symptoms of thyroid nodules.

One interesting and good news to most of us is that, most thyroid nodules are not causes of cancerous cells. In fact, most thyroid nodules do not cause any problems to the body and don’t even need treatment. They are self-healing to some extent. On other hand, though you can’t be too sure until your doctor tell you that you are on the clear. In some cases, thyroid nodules can cause problems, this is due to secretion of excess thyroid hormone. This will subdue the thyroid gland making it not serve the body effectively and efficiently.

It is actually not very clear what causes thyroid nodule, but the most common and undoubted reason is radiation. People who are exposed to radiation are prone to thyroid nodules. You are also more likely to be affected by thyroid nodules as you age. Studies have also shown that thyroid nodules are hereditary which means that if your parent are affected by it at some point you are also likely to be a victim.

symptoms of thyroid nodules

Thyroid Nodule and Normal Thyroid Grand


Optional Information: Symptoms Of Thyroid Nodules And Goiter

I found Thyroid Nodules and Goiter video on Do you suffer from thyroid nodules or/and goiters? Think about this; if your autoimmune and your immune system are attacking your thyroid, your thyroid is going to need to defend itself somehow and it does it by growing. You can go ahead and remove the nodules or goiter. But unless you calm down your immune system, your thyroid is just going to put the goiters or modules right back.

Symptoms of thyroid nodules and when you should consider seeking medical attention.

In most cases, thyroid nodules may go unnoticed, but in some the nodules are too big and you can feel it in your neck. The symptoms will be clearer if you want to confirm that your thyroid nodules are big; when the following take place:

  • The first sign of a big thyroid nodule is the hard time swallowing. When you have difficulty with swallowing then the swelling probably is too big. You can feel it in the neck.
  • The second symptom of thyroid nodules is a painful throat. If you feel pain in your throat or perhaps you have constant feeling that your throat is full, it shows that the thyroid nodule is big.
  • If you also experience, symptoms of hyperthyroidism show that the thyroid nodules are big. The symptom includes excessive sweating, increased/rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, feeling nervous, weight loss and hair changes.
  • In some cases, you may experience breathing difficulties if the nodules is blocking the windpipe.
  • Pain at the back of the neck and hoarse voice.

It is not easy to figure out if you have thyroid nodules especially if the symptoms of thyroid nodules don’t show. This is why the only person who can tell you for sure if you have thyroid nodules is the doctor. To avoid experiencing these drastic symptoms, it is advisable to get medical care early enough.