Diabetic Diet Food List: Power Foods for Diabetes


diabetic diet food list

In the fight against diabetes, every decision, you make with regards to food, determines whether you take a step towards beating it or a step towards becoming a victim. It can be a prison if you do not plan yourself and identify what works to your favor and what works against you. To lead a healthy and normal life like everyone else, it is important to have a diabetic diet food list that you should put in your cart during shopping and those that you should stay away from. It is essential to avoid foods that have high amounts of sodium, carbs, calories and fats; they put you at a risk of uncontrolled blood sugar, high blood pressure, and others.

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Whole-grain Bread

Whole-grain Bread photo
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With regards to raising blood sugar, eating white bread can prove to be very detrimental. If you form a habit of eating a lot of white bread and breaking once in a while to take whole grain, it is possible to improve your sensitivity to insulin. Whole grains help you become more sensitive to insulin and enable you have a stable blood sugar. It is very advisable to ensure that when shopping, the bread should have the word ‘’whole’’. This is to say; the bread should not just be some old brown bread or multi grain, instead ensure that it reads whole grain.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil photo
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Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory components that are so strong; they are usually likened to aspirin. It is liquid gold in color. The fat in olive oil does not increase insulin resistance; in fact, it may even help reverse it. And because olive oil slows digestion, whichever meal you add it to will not spike your glucose. Like the Mediterranean diet, olive oil should be amongst the most emphasized ingredients on your diabetic diet food list.

Milk And Yogurt

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Diets that have plenty of dairies may fight insulin resistance; which is the core problem behind diabetes. Both of these are highly rich in protein and calcium, which can possibly help lose weight. However, you can opt to go low-fat or fat-free.


Fish food photo

Eating fish even just once a week can reduce your risk of developing heart disease by 40%; which happens to be one of the deadliest conditions for anyone with diabetes. Fish has fatty acids that reduce inflammation in the body; inflammation happens to be a major contributor to coronary disease, insulin resistance, and diabetes.


Apples photo
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Naturally apples are low in calories. They are high in fiber content and are very good in battling bad cholesterol, and blunt blood-sugar swings. For maximum benefits, they are best taken whole and unpeeled. Apples are one of the best fruits with the most disease-fighting antioxidants. Apples are highly nutritious and should not miss out on any proper diabetic diet food list.


Avocado photo
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Avocados help ensure that blood sugar does not get spiked and can also help slow digestion. They are rich, creamy and packed with beneficial monounsaturated fat. Avocados have good fats that can help steady blood sugar in the long term.

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Knowing what is best for your health can help you at the end of the day. Sticking to a good diabetic diet food list, can see you become one of the many who have fought and beaten the diabetes.