GPS Garmin Foretrex 401 Review (Outdoor GPS Watch)


After having read many reviews, I ended up with Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS but at first I had difficulties in choosing between 301 and 401. The reason for the confusion was due to the review which stated that the 401 has an inaccurate barometer and he hard changed it for a 301.

garmin foretrex 401

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GPS Garmin Foretrex 401 VS 301

The 301 is an older design which lacks a barometer, but has a GPS. The reason, why I didn't go for the 301, is that it does not track evaluation change making it useless to me. Since this is the main thing you need for hiking, you can get nothing but disappointment with the 301.

 Garmin Foretrex 401 (Outdoor GPS Watch)  is much smaller and the GPS is super fast. It is very simple and easy to use in everything you need.

You can have the time and exact miles covered. It is unique since you can be able to get the time when you were moving that when you were stationed and the average too. It has a battery that works for a long time between fifteen to twenty hours.

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This is fantastic I do use it with my computer to get the correct coverage for the day. Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS can be connected to the computer by a USP cable. After having connected to the computer and opened the file then you have to launch the Google Earth, this will display the tracks you cover showing with a blue line on the map.

For the short time, I have been using Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS am very pleased. The accuracy of the compass and the barometer is extremely accurate. For optimal performance, you need to have the compass calibrated before use or you may set calibration automatically. It is very easy to calibrate within seconds you are done. It tracks distance and elevation extremely well.

garmin foretrex 401When you're finished with a climb or walk, you transfer the information to Basecamp, Garmin's free programming, and it demonstrates to you just about moment by moment information on what rise you were at, when it was, and your moving rate.

You can likewise open your trek in Google maps from a 3d perspective, which is really cool and spare the greater part of your data to stay informed regarding what you've done and where you've gone. As I had indicated earlier, how you can locate on Google map.

Garmin Foretrex 401 (Outdoor GPS Watch) tracks truly well considerably under tree cover in the forested areas. I had no issue joining with satellites in the Catskills with no telephone gathering for 20 minutes around, for instance.

Didn't drop the sign once amid the entire 8 miles we were climbing. Additionally has great gathering when strolling in the city, such as Manhattan.

However, it does take more time to interface with satellite. I just obtained it at a very low cost, but it is performing much better than I expected. For you to track down the distance you, cover all day long and the time this is the simplest item you need to own. Get to this shop online and your worries will diminish immediately.

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