Review Camco Propane Campfire 58031 Little Red Campfire


Many campgrounds it is not allowed to have natural fire from firewood as I was used to. Open wooding burning has been discouraged due to the smoke and forest destruction. Camco Propane Campfire (Portable 58031 Little Red Campfire) is great for the places where in-ground fire is restricted. Its size is convenient to carry and move around with it. This is a very cheap way of making yourself warm. You only need to have propane and the burner as compared to gathering of firewood and sometimes they may fail to burn up when they are wet. Another thing firewood produces smoke that can irritate your eyes and coughing.

camco propane campfire

See Product Details: Camco 58031 Little Red Campfire Portable Propane Camp Fire

What made to go for Camco Propane Campfire is its ability to produce smokeless flames. Many and many people can surround the fire and all get the warmth. You can regulate the fire by reducing the amount of propane passing through to the burner.

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All the reviews, I have gone through, are very good and accurate according to my point of view. There is this problem of hissing sound that most of the people have complained of, you can modify it to get away the hissing sound. You need to reduce the air intake and this will stop the sound and the flame will be calmer, bigger, natural and hotter. The problem with this is that soot will be produced due to lack of enough air but am okay with it. Since I don’t touch it, I just let it cool which takes few minutes and wrap the hose and cover the burner and I proceed with my journey.

When I realized that there are some places where you cannot make use of firewood, I had to find the best means that will generate heat. Online Shop being the best place where I get my items from was my first place of reference. I had heard about the burner but just an overview. As usual I moved direct to the reviews from those people who had tried it earlier.

camco 58031Camco Propane Campfire had many reviews but for all of them, the problem was on the hissing sound that almost discouraged me. I don’t like such sounds as it irritates my ears. Fortunately, I came across a given review which I think was written by an engineer. It seems that this person had a good understanding of the item.

It was from this person I learned how you could reduce the hissing sound but again create another problem of soot. You have two options one being using the Camco Propane Campfire (58031 Little Red Campfire) without adjustments and have the hissing sound or control the air entering the burner but have the soot. Here I was and I had to choose from the two. Due to the irritation I got from the loud hissing sound I decided to modify my burner but it produces some soot without the sound. Since I am not using it for cooking, I don’t have any problem. I love it. The pros are very many as compared to cons and that is what gave me the courage to buy it.

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