Know About The Causes Of Hip Pain


causes of hip pain

There are several causes of hip pain. You need to know them properly. It will help you removing the causes for decreasing the pain. Hip pain is normally seen among the people of different age. It is common to the aged people than the younger. Hip pain sometimes develops with age with different diseases. But this is not the only cause.

Common Causes of Hip Pain, Everything You Need To Know by Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Causes Of Hip Pain

  • Hip pain is caused by the stress on the hip joints. It can happen when people gain excessive weight or do heavy activities. When eople gain extra fat in their body, they will feel stress on the joints, which will cause the hip pain.
  • Hip Pain can happen due to age. People face damage in the joints of the body due to age. This can result in the hip pain after long term damage.
  • The position of the sleeping, also cause the hip pain. It can create a lot of trouble while sleeping. So it is essential to change the sleeping position if the problem is created for this.
  • If anyone feels comforting at the time of sleeping, it can cause hip pain. Changing the mattress is essential if you face this kind of problem due to the hardness of the mattress.
  • Hip pain also happens at the time of pregnancy. Pregnancy causes stress on the joints which cause hip pain. A pregnant woman needs to be aware of the hip pain. She needs to take special therapy from the skilled professionals besides consulting with a doctor. It will help a lot. This happens for a specific period of the pregnancy.

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  • If a person sits in a place for a long time, he faces hip pain when he tries to move frequently. So we need to avoid sitting idle at a place for a long time. We need to move after certain time or take a walk.
  • Hip pain can be caused by other diseases. So, if you have hip pain, you need to know the cause of it. One of the common diseases for hip pain is the hernia.
  • Hip fractures are another fact of having hip pain. Any kind of injury related to the hip will create hip pain. People have different types of injury. This type of injuries is common to the players specifically for the runner. So it is essential to be aware of the injury.
  • A well-known cause of hip pain in women is the arthritis. It is felt in the front part of the thigh or it can be felt in the groin because of the swelling or stiffness in the joints.
  • Bursitis and tendinitis are also another cause of hip pain. Joints connect with the muscles by the tendons that stay around the hip.

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These are some causes of hip pain. There can also be some other causes. We should know the causes of hip pain properly for removing the hip pain. The cure is different for each case. If you know the cause, you can keep yourself from the causes which will help you a lot.