It may come as a surprise to many people that they do have home remedy for severe acne yet they don’t have a clue. You don’t have to use over the counter drugs only to eliminate acne because right at your home, there exist various ways of getting rid of those red like pimples. You can treat acne by coming up with facial masks that are created using various ingredients found at home and especially within the kitchen. Homemade remedies for acne cannot only be used to treat acne but to keep it at bay altogether. They will also leave your skin smooth, moisturize and supple.

Have a look on the various home remedy for severe acne that you can use:

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home-remedy-for-severe-acne1Facemask Made from Cucumber

One of the most-outstanding home remedy for severe acne is using pure extract of cucumber. A single cup of oatmeal is mixed with a single crushed cucumber to prepare a paste. When the paste is ready, it is time to add a single teaspoon of yogurt to a teaspoon of the paste and then rub the combination on the affected areas. Wait for at least 30 minutes before you rinse.

Using Grapes as a Cleanser

Here, you will have to use fresh grapes right from the fridge. The facial cleanser is prepared by splitting about three grapes into halves and directly rubbing them on the affected areas for some few minutes. The next step is to rinse with clean cool water after 10 minutes from rubbing.

Using Honey Mask

Unlike the above procedures, here, rising with clean warm water should start before any facial mask is applied. The main reason for this is obviously to open the pores of the skin because honey is highly viscous and may fail to penetrate to the severe acne if the pores are not opened using warm water. After opening the pores, you should then apply a natural honey on the acne. When 30 minutes is over, rinsing with warm water prior to a cold one should proceed. The purpose of the last cool rising is to close the opened pores.

Face Pack Made from Cucumber

This approach is different from cucumber facemask. Here, the main goal is to make the skin supple again after acne damage. You will have to mash a whole cucumber to extract the liquid coming out from its flesh. The liquid is then mixed with a teaspoon of sugar and mixed properly. The face pack is then rubbed gently upon the affected areas of the skin. You should wait for at least 10 minutes before you rinse with cool water.

Yeast Plus Yogurt Mask

This home remedy for severe acne is ideal for oily skin. A person who has oily skin is always vulnerable to severe acne. This preparation is meant to remove excess oil. A teaspoon of yeast is mixed entirely with the sizeable volume of yogurt. Apply the mask on the parts of your skin that is oily. Rinse with warm water first then cold water after 15 minutes.

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Ways of getting rid of acne at home exist in plenty. The above are just some of the many home remedy for severe acne that you can use. You are advised to choose that which you find comfortable with and the ingredients are readily available at your home.