Skin Care Tips – How to Prevent Zits (Pimples) and Acnes Zits and acnes affect a vast majority and are a real bother to anyone living with them. Everyone desires to have a smooth and evenly toned skin that is free from scars. However, zits and acnes make it quite hard to achieve this desire as they make the skin rough once they erupt, and in most cases leave behind disgusting scars and black marks on the skin once they heal.

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What Causes Zits and Acnes?

Zits and acnes are mainly caused by a certain type of bacterial spp that colonize the pores of our skin. Even though this bacterial strain is not pathogenic, there are a number of factors that spearhead some adverse effects on the skin leading to irritation at the skin pores and subsequent development of zits and acnes. The small pimples may be painless but the large ones are often painful and collect a whitish substance that has close resemblance to white fat.

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Some of the factors that are known to aggravate the impact of the bacteria responsible for the development of zits and acnes are diet, effects of hormones in the body, sedentary lifestyle, environmental factors, and the use of some cosmetic products. Hormones affect our body’s physiology, which plays a significant role on what our bodies synthesize. High levels of testosterone and progesterone are known to cause more production of sebum in the skin mainly meant to flush out bacteria and waste products from the body through the spores of the skin. In most cases, this leads to the development of acnes and zits.

Diet determines the amount of sebum that the body is able to produce and the amount of waste products that the body produces after metabolism of a given food, and thus plays a significant role in the development of zits. A sedentary lifestyle makes the body utilize sebum’s pore-clearance system more while some cosmetic products tend to irritate the pores of the skin. All these increase chances of developing zits and acnes on your skin.

It is always worthwhile to identify what could be the probable cause of your zits and acnes as this plays a significant role on how to prevent zits from developing once again after you successfully treat them. If however, you cannot pinpoint the probable cause of zits and acnes, you could still embrace a broad-spectrum prevention regime by avoiding anything that is known to cause or increase chances of developing acnes and zits.

How to Prevent Zits and Acnes, and Their Treatment


There are a number of methods that you can use to get rid of your zits and acnes. These methods can be broadly put under:-

1. Choice of diet 2. Use of medicines and medical procedures 3. Use of the right cosmetic products 4. How you handle your zits and acnes

1. Choice of Diet

There are some foods that are known to increase chances of development zits and acnes. These foods include:-

  • Foods rich in cholesterol such as fried eggs
  • Dairy products with high-fat content
  • Foods cooked with solid cooking fat
  • Margarine
  • Most other foods rich in fat, including fruits such as avocados

On the other hand, some foods and fruits tend to lower the risk of developing zits and acnes. They include:-

  • Olive oil
  • Fruits and juices made from Lemon, Water Melon, Raspberry, and Apples
  • Yoghurt
  • Walnuts
  • Cereal foods such as bread and rice
  • Plenty of water

2. Through Medications and Medical Procedures

Medicinal drugs and some select medical procedures are also very effective in the treatment of zits and acnes. These methods include: –

i) Use of Over-the-counter drugs (OTC) – These drugs include Azelaic acid, Retin-A, Sulphur, Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, and Resorcinol. They mostly limit activity of oil glands in the skin, kill bacteria and fungi in the pores, accelerate clearance of accumulated metabolic waste in the pores, and kill both blackheads and whiteheads.

ii) Use of prescription drugs – These drugs include skin ointments such as tazarotene, adapalene and tretinoin, and antibiotic drugs such as Tetracycline, Erythromycin and Isotretinoin. However, this class of drugs should only be used after a prescription from a doctor.

iii) Use of birth control medications – These medications are mainly meant for use by women who are looking for ways on how to prevent zits and acnes. They work by suppressing levels of progesterone in the body, which is a hormone well known to increase chances of developing acnes and zits.

iv) Laser and light treatment – This method works by promoting more clearance of pores through increased blood circulation at the follicles, which makes the body forego the need to increase sebum secretion for pore clearance. For best results, one should have the procedure performed by a specialist, or with adequate guidance from a specialist if one has to undertake the treatments from home using small laser gadgets such as Derma Wand.

Optional) Magic Of Being AcneFree by Rudy Silva – is a book penned by Rudy Silva which gives individuals a characteristic answer for clearing skin break out for good.

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3. Use Of The Right Cosmetic Products

Some cosmetic products may increase the risk of developing acnes and zits, and thus you need to be selective on the type of cosmetic products that you use on your skin. It is highly recommended that you use makeup and cosmetic products denoted ““non-comedogenic” since such products are specially formulated to limit clogging of your pores.

4. How You Handle Your Zits and Acnes

Even after employing the best methods of how to prevent zits and acnes, a few may develop and how you handle them determine how well they heal off. Once they erupt, make sure that you do not burst them regardless of how tempting they are to do so. Secondly, keep off from disturbing them with bare hands or by use of fingernail as this tends to irritate the affected pores even more. Thirdly, make sure that you wash your face with warm water and press the zits and acnes gently with a bathing tab to ease any inflammation at the affected site. By so doing, you will promote faster healing of your zits and stay safe from development of zit spots and acne scars.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that our bodies are different and thus what works best for your friend may be a bit different from what works best for you. You need to try out a number of these ways on how to treat acnes and how to prevent zits in order to determine the method that works best for you. Starting off with the cheapest method may be beneficial as it will help determine the most cost effective method of how to prevent zits and how to treat them when they erupt.