Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Review (TK4, Tracker IV)


I enjoy using Bounty Hunter Metal Detector since I bought it I had never had issues with it. I bought it sometimes back and have liked it, it works amazingly well. It can make work easier for you when searching for coins, earrings, rings and necklaces and any other metal in your house and even out of the house. It is very easy to use at good prices. In any package of this machine, there it comes with a manual with instruction on the use of this metal detector.

bounty hunter metal detector

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Bounty Hunter Metal Detector has a discrimination circuitry able to tell differentiate the metals hence avoiding unnecessary searches. If you want to get ever coin or every metal, you need to use all metal mode. This will enable you to get every metal so that you cannot leave any metal behind. When in a discriminatory mode you can find out that some of the useful metals can be left behind. I once used it in a discrimination mode and again used it with all metal modes; I tell you I had left behind useful metals. That is the reason why you don’t need to set it in discrimination mode.

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The machine has worked well in my company since my which men are able to search vehicles without having to look into what is in the boot. It can detect metal in the soil which will need you to dig while checking the position of the metal. Bounty Hunter Metal Detector (TK4, Tracker IV) helped find my gold watch which one of my house workers ha stolen and hide in the soil at my backyard. With the machine, you don’t need to worry much because you can easily detect something if it is a metal.

The problem with the use of this machine is that you can not use it where kids are. I usually receive a large number of kids when I try searching for some metals along my fence. You should take caution if the area you are searching is prohibited.

Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector (TK4, Tracker IV) can be of benefit to those people who mine gold and metals of high value. Due to its ability to detect different types of metals you can be able to know the type of metal in a given area. There is no need of digging much for you to get what you are not sure of if it really exists in that area.

bounty hunter tk4 tracker iv metal detector

If you want to prolong the life of the battery, you need to use earphones and follow the instructions to the dot. IO bought one for my brother but due to the fact that he doesn’t like following instruction all didn’t go well with him. I had to go the extra mile showing him how it worked and the instructions he needed to follow keenly. He first knew nothing about the machine so what he was looking for, the right procedures to follow didn’t know. Since then he can now go looking for precious metals all over.

With Bounty Hunter Metal Detector (TK4, Tracker IV) your search will be enjoyable and perfect. You just need to get one from this online shopping.

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