Heininger 5995 Review: Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit (58,000 BTU)


Warmth is what you need to keep your body healthy during winter and cold moments. Heininger 5995 is a portable source of heat and it is perfect in use outdoors. You need to make your place warm when you are camping, you can also light it up at your backyard. It is very easy to use and it burns with the use of propane. The flame is clear without smoke providing warmth that can make your family warm during the night. If you need one these are the items you will get; decorative rocks, fire pit and propane tank. It is lightweight so you can carry it whenever you want to camp.

heininger 5995

See Product Details: Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

I am used to firing and previously before I bought Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit (58,000 BTU) I and my family would relax and get warmth from a real fire. But since I moved to an area where I cannot use firewood I was forced to buy this.

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I bought the largest due to the need to have the whole family to get warm. It not as heavy as such and I think it is of high quality and will last long. This is the fifth month am using it so I have no doubt that it will serve me a long time. The experience people have on the use of this item is amazing and you can get that by going through the reviews. I decided to buy it when I read somewhere that it is smokeless that is the main feature withdrew my attention.

It is very good in controlling the temperature to make the environment comfortable throughout. What I found contradicting is that the image shows flames of about two feet, but mine produces flames of one foot tall.

But is an issue as long as being getting exactly what I bought Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit for. The price is not so bad that is, it minds of your pocket and matches the quality of Heininger.

propane fire pit

My loved ones adoration Heininger Fire Pit on the grounds that we generally wind up outside more than regular. Setup and teardown are brisk and simple. The shakes that accompany the unit chill off rapidly. I can carry it 10 minutes in the wake of turning it off. It pumps out hotness more than I expected, and 1/2 a standard size propane tank went on for numerous hours’ at the most noteworthy fire setting. There is zero smell or smoke – its clean blazing. The hose length is more than plentiful to keep the propane tank a safe separation from the fire, and off the beaten path of seats to encompass the blaze. I can without a second thought prescribe this item.

heininger 5995 reviewThe heat which it produces is plenty and you can seat around it as many as you can, I have a family of seven and none misses getting the warmth. They all enjoy and it works better when we have a family gathering during Christmas season. The quality of Heininger 5995 Outdoor Fire Pit makes me a hero they do call me a hero for having bought this Heininger. I am planning to order one for another one for my parents back at California.

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