If you walk down the street, you notice people who have different body shapes. It is natural to see skinny, some naturally fat or lean. You will also see those who are muscular. It depends on genes or if you have decided to exercise to gain or reduce weight. Your genetics and body types have a significant role on the appearance. If you know your body type, it helps you to improve on it the way you want.

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Every body type plays a significant role on how hard or easy it becomes to change how we look. For example, there are people who can just eat whatever they come across, and they will never increase their weight. There are others who get big and fat when they go to the gym on a regular basis and strictly following a stringent diet. In addition, there are people who look like they workout daily yet they do not.

The above arises of genetic conditions. We have control over them. Though genetics affects the type of body, we can play a significant role to improve how we look. To achieve the targeted look, do the right thing.

What is your body type – know your body type?

There are three-body types. However, you can find people who have a combination of the three types. It is possible to find a person whose upper body is Ectomorphic, with a lower body being endomorphic. In this regard, they have a slim upper and a fat lower body making them looks like a pear. In some cases, the variation differs. Many people think that the height plays a role in determining the body type. In most cases, it is thought that tall people are always skinny and have an Ectomorph body. When answering the question what is your body type, think of the following.



If you are skinny, your body type is Ectomorph. The ectos have the characteristic of light built, lean muscle with small joints. They have lean but long limbs. They have stringy muscles. Their shoulders look thin with the characteristic of little width.

The Ectomorph has several characteristics such as a faster metabolism; it becomes harder for them to increase their weight and have lean muscle masses. They are considered thin, have small shoulders, a flat chest and minute, delicate none structure and frame.


One trait you get on all Mesomorph is their big bone structure. They have large muscles and have an athletic structure. If you want to become a body builder, then the Mesomorph type suits you. They gain and lose weight easily. They are strong naturally, making them to gain muscles.

The Mesomorph are athletic guys with a hard body. They show well-defined muscles with rectangle shape body. Because of their strength, they gain muscles and weight faster.


An endomorph person has a soft and solid body. However, these people have a tendency to gain weight faster. Ideally, most of these people are short and build. They have thick legs and arms, stronger muscles in their upper legs. It is easier for the endomorph to do leg exercises such as squatting.

Their lack well defined muscles. However, they have a slow metabolism and will not lose fat easily. They have around physique and stockily build. They are shorter, have a round and soft body. They find it easy when they want to gain fat and muscles.

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Why should you know if you are Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Ectomorph?

It is important to know your body type because of the following reasons.

First, it helps a person to change their eating habits if they want to make an improvement. In most cases, the habits relate to the shape you get. The number of calories taken determines if you gain or remain in the same category.

It also helps us when checking metabolism. If you take wrong foods and you gain weight or lose weight rapidly after dieting, then you will know you are a Mesomorph. If you struggle, then you are an endomorph. The size of bones and joints will tell your body type. To know this, circle your wrist using the thumb and middle finger. If it overlaps, you become Ectomorph, if they touch, you become a Mesomorph, if they do not touch, then you are an endomorph.

You can also flash back during your adolescent stage to know your body type. Remember as you grow old, metabolism slows and you gain weight. Your lifestyle has an impact on the body type you have.