Getting Health Insurance For Unemployed Tips


Having no health insurance while unemployed is such a loss. This is a difficult time especially for women because who are prone to illnesses. They also need to keep themselves and their family healthy. However, getting a health insurance can be difficult to acquire when you are jobless because finances as well as your options can be limited indeed, it is important to acquire health insurance so you have to find an affordable health insurance for unemployed

health insurance for unemployed

Finding out the options for health insurance coverage that are available and how you can access health insurance coverage is what we are going to discuss.

If you are laid-off, ask your employer if they review the benefits you are entitled to receive when you leave your company. If you are uncertain about what you’re eligible for, try to ask your employer about eligibility continuing cover.

Ask your State Health Department if your state provides health insurance coverage available for purchase for both individuals and families. If the coverage is available, there are income asset guidelines for participation.

Consider some insurance tips for unemployed workers shared by Steve Trattner, CEO of Cinergy Health, as cited by

  • Start shopping for individual insurance early.
  • Evaluate health plan options based on your individual healthcare needs.
  • Choose a policy that doesn’t include several treatment facilities.

The following additional Insurance Options from are also provided to give unemployed individuals more options to choose:

  • Consult your local unemployment office. Find a representative at the office that handles unemployment benefits in your area how to get health insurance for unemployed.
  • Inquire about state funding. Ask your state job services about state-funded assistance programs to get health coverage while jobless.
  • Ask your pharmacist. Ask your local pharmacist for recommendations about health prescription coverage assistance programs. Surely, your pharmacist has access to this information through federal or state resources or drug company representatives.
  • Get a referral. You can ask your doctor for a referral to a health insurance company that will offer affordable benefits. Your doctor must be well-informed about any discounts available to your family for temporary or emergency coverage. He can also recommend resources to help you get benefits through local or governmental programs.
  • Buy temporary coverage. There are health insurance companies that offer temporary or short-term coverage policies that can only last for months and is cheaper. There could be benefits restrictions with this coverage, but it will cover routine visits and health needs for a short term.

While expecting to find a job soon, you can investigate your options for short-term health insurance. Short-term health insurance will protect you against catastrophic emergencies until you find a long-term health insurance for you. Usually, these policies issued in six month's terms but some provide twelve months term.

Above all these, there is available affordable health insurance for unemployed people. Different options are given and it is for you to decide which option would you pick. These options are very helpful for you to enjoy a healthy life while you are unemployed.